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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Netroots: Call Tim Redmond

Posted by Bob Brigham

The San Francisco Bay Guardian, a weekly rag, has some explaining to do. Bay Guardian Executive Editor Tim Redmond:

It's annoying that so many bloggers want to be treated as journalists when they can't even bother to pick up the phone and call a source to get accurate information or find out if there's another side to the story. It's annoying that so many are so happy to send misinformation and inaccurate rumors whipping around the blogosphere at light speed without ever making any effort to get to the truth. It's annoying that they can be so self-righteous.

Previous paragraph:

Markos, to his credit, never claimed to be a journalist. He calls himself an activist, and that's perfectly fair. I wish he would disclose all of his clients; it would give his site a bit more credibility, but that's his choice.

Of course, Tim Redmond never bothered to pick up the phone and call Markos to get the truth (I know this because I just got off the phone with Markos). Had Redmond bothered, Markos probably would have told him that he doesn't have any clients, isn't taking any clients, and hasn't had any clients for some time (facts Markos has disclosed publicly, repeatedly).

Tim Redmond seems happy to print "misinformation and inaccurate rumors" without even bothering to pick up the phone and I find that to be quite annoying. So why don't you show him that bloggers do have phones by bothering to pick up yours and calling Tim Redmond at (415) 255-3100 -- ask him when he's going to stop spreading misinformation and inaccurate rumors.

While it is always fun to get into a debate about whether bloggers are activists or journalists, it is ironic to see the Bay Guardian enter this debate. For those unfamiliar, the Guardian is nothing more than fringe activists posing as journalists.

I think the Bay Guardian angst against bloggers is born from jealousy. More people read Daily Kos before Markos wakes up each day than ever read the Tim Redmond. I live in San Francisco, but the last time a grabbed a Bay Guardian was for potty-training my dog. While the bloggers quickly beat back the internet regulation bill, you would need to find a historian to locate the last time the Guardian won at City Hall. While the Redmond can offer little support to his local Green Party candidates, an endorsement from Markos is highly prized by national Democrats.

For the record, bloggers aren't journalists, they are bloggers. Some bloggers may also be journalists and many are far more respected as journalists than Tim Redmond.

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