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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My Night is Shot -- Yours Might Be Too

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Just released three hours ago is an eighty page study by The Pew Research Center for People and the Press.

The Title: "The Dean Activists: Their Profile and Prospects"

You can find the full report in .pdf form HERE.

The overview, in HTML can be found HERE.


Who are the internet activists, the people widely known as "Deaniacs" who joined the Dean campaign as it slowly grew from asterisk status in early 2003 polls to the frontrunner position at the beginning of 2004? A new Pew survey provides the first detailed look at the cyber-soldiers of this pioneering campaign. An internet survey with a random sample of 11,568 activists drawn from the online database of those who had contributed money or otherwise worked on behalf of Gov. Dean provides insight into who they are, why they joined, how they reacted to Dean's loss and President Bush's reelection, and what they think about the future of the Democratic Party.

Good chance I will be posting on the full report tomorrow or the day after for anyone who wants to discuss, or just doesn't have enough time to read the whole piece. I just wish I was confident my printer could handle 80 pages right now.

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