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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Don't Let "From the Roots" Die on the Vine

Posted by DavidNYC

I've long been fond of the blogs published by the official apparatus of the Democratic Party. While they provide good information, I like them better for the simple fact that at least some establishment types "get it" and want to engage in two-way communication with the netroots.

As I recall, the DNC was the first up to the plate, with the cleverly titled "Kicking Ass." The DSCC (the guys responsible for our Senate campaigns) upped the ante with the fancy Scoop-based "From the Roots." (The even-cleverer answer to "How do you remove a Bush?") The DCCC (Congress) is also in the mix with its blog, "The Stakeholder." (The Democratic Governors' Association has yet to get into the game, but their website promises an overhaul "soon." Hopefully that makeover will include a blog.)

The DNC and DCCC blogs all continue to update regularly, multiple times a day. But From the Roots appears to be withering. There hasn't been an update since January 7th. It's a shame, because it's a very polished blog, and the only one of the three which permits user diaries (like at DailyKos and MyDD). It seems to me that the DSCC just needs to hire a full-time blogger, or establish a solid volunteer corps. Either would be easy - there are tons of knowledgeable folks out there who are also good writers.

The bottom line is, if we're gonna put pressure on the state parties to create and maintain blogs of their own, I think it's incumbent upon our national organizations to show leadership on this issue. DSCC, whip out some Miracle-Gro and get that baby flourishin' again!

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