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Friday, April 08, 2005

Democratic Leadership Council Exodus

Posted by Bob Brigham

Last month Kos had to step in to get the DLC to honor the wishes of Senator Barack Obama and remove him from their list:

Twice the DLC has tried to claim credit for Obama, slapping him up on their list of members, and for the second time, they've had to back down. [...]

They may love the guy, but Obama want's nothing to do with the DLC. Remember, Obama raised over $3 million from MoveOn members, the very organization the DLC wants purged from the party's ranks. We know where Obama's loyalties lie, and it's wiith the netroots. He's one of ours.

This little episode also highlights the DLC's interesting tactic of slapping up people on the list without asking for permission to do so, an attempt to take credit for peoples' success.

Kos asked: "Anyone else who seems out of place on the list? Anyone else we can peel off this list?"

I think we can all guess what happened next...

I started looking at the list and a few items jumped right out at me. For instance, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was still listed as a county supervisor even though Al From claimed credit for his 2003 election. I noticed that Tim Ryan was listed as a state senator even though he is in his second term in congress. DavidNYC took some screen shots (HERE pdf), I expected to come back in a month or so to see the list cleaned up.

What I found was an exodus. Dozens of names have been scrubbed from the list.

Sure some politicians were term limited and many lost their seats (after taking DLC advice?). But many up and coming politicians have decided they want nothing to do with the DLC strategy of attacking Democrats through triangulation.

Congressman Ryan's name disappeared. California gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides is no longer on the list. Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano has no need for the DLC. Hell, even Ken Salazar would rather stand with Obama than the DLC.

In fact, the DLC is no longer taking credit for:

Phil Angelides, State Treasurer, CA
Janice Bacon, Morgan County Commissioner, IN
Marshall Bennett, State Treasurer, MS
John Y. Brown, Secretary of State, KY
Chris Burris, Mayor, Stone Mountain, GA
Jo Carson, State Representative, AR
Nancy Chard, State Senator, VT
Ken Clark, State Representative, AZ
Patrick Colwell, State House Majority Leader, ME
Kathleen Connell, State Controller, CA
Lou Correa, State Assembly Member, CA
Dolores Coulter, Mayor, Barnegat Township, NJ
Chris Cummiskey, State Senate Assistant Leader, AZ
Preston Daniels, Mayor, Des Moines, IA
Nadia Davis, School Board Vice President, Santa Ana, CA
Peter Derby, Trustee, Irvington, NY
Jim D. Garner, State Representative, KS
Jeff Gombosky, State Representative, WA
Michael J. Hare, Council Member, Wilmington, DE
Leigh Herington, State Democratic Leader, OH
Bob Holden, Governor, MO
Robert Jackson, State Senator, KY
Steve B. Jones, State Representative, AR
Vera Katz, Mayor, Portland OR
Joseph E. Kernan, Governor, IN
Peter Larkin, State Representative, MA
David Lemoine, State Representative, ME
Gary Locke, Governor, WA
Charles Love, School Board Chairman, Hamilton Co., TN
Frana Araujo Mace, State Representative, CO
Scott C. Maddox, Mayor, Tallahassee, FL
Carl Miller, State Representative, CO
Mike Moore, Attorney General, MS
Ronnie Musgrove, Governor, MS
George Nakano, State Assembly Member, CA
Janet Napolitano, Governor, AZ
Alice Nichol, State Senator, CO
John O. Norquist, Mayor, Milwaukee, WI
Barack Obama, U.S. Senator, IL
Norman Oliver, City Councilman, Wilmington, DE
Ed Perimutter, State Senator, CO
Anthony Petrucci, County Commissioner, Dauphin Co., PA
Terry Phillips, State Senator, CO
Margaret Planton, Mayor, Chillicothe, OH
Ray Powell, Commissioner of Public Lands, NM
Eric Miller Reeves, State Senator, NC
Peggy Reeves, State Senator, CO
Elaine Richardson, State Senator, AZ
John Riggs IV, State Senator, AR
Joe Riley, Mayor, Charlston, SC
Stacy J. Ritter, State Representative, FL
Carroll G. Robinson, City Councilman, Houston, TX
Laura Ruderman, State Representative, WA
John Ryan, Council Member, Barnegat Township, NJ
Timothy J. Ryan, State Senator, OH
Ken Salazar, U.S. Senator, CO
M. Susan Savage, Mayor, Tulsa, OK
Dan Schooff, State Assembly Member, WI
Derrick Seaver, State Representative, OH
Tyrone Smith, Water Basin Municipal Water District Board Member, Carson CA
Gregory R. Stevens, State Representative, IA
Christopher Travis Swanson, Kern County School Board Member, Tehachapi, CA
Daryl Sweeney, Mayor, Carson, CA
Tracy Vance, Vice Chairman, Lee Co., IA
Val D. Vincent, State Representative, VT
Patrick D. Welch, State Senator, IL
J.D. Williams, State Controller, ID
Cathy Woolard, Council President, Atlanta, GA

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This is phat. A ton of research, and a great expose. This deserves to get blogsophere wide play. Great work!

Maybe you should include more in the main entry?


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