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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) declares war on Democrats

Posted by Bob Brigham

A.P. Short says the DLC wants war with Democrats:

Over the weekend, a key Democratic leadership coalition escalated hostilities along an already volatile front in one of Washington's bitterest ideological disputes. It was a savage and overwhelming broadside - talking heads fanned out across the entire spectrum of the broadcast media, and establishment bloggers fired up their iMacs to take their case to the global network with coordination, zeal, and ruthlessness. [...]

The DLC wants to fight a war with the activists and the progressives for the soul of the party. They believe that if if this fight is fought on their terms, using the empty language whose use they have perfected over the course of so many soulless and lackluster campaigns, they can win easily. [...]

So as the Democratic right wing takes to the airwaves to declare war on us, the soul of this party, let them hear the cry of this lowly "activist," proud to have stood up against a foolhardy, counterproductive response to a national tragedy, proud to have vehemently opposed the return to aggressive war in the nuclear age in Iraq, and proud, even still after everything, proud to be a Democrat.

For the life of me, I can't understand why the DLC attempts to triangulate by bashing Democrats. That isn't quite true, I understand that is what they are paid to do. What I can't understand is why Democrats let the Democratic Leadership Council get away with it.

Campaign finance reform has rendered the DLC obsolete, they no longer own the Democratic Party and these desperate cries for relevance are the last gasps from the political deathbed of the corporate bagmen.

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