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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Damned if They Don't

Posted by DavidNYC

Matt Yglesias is spot-on in his assesment of how certain Dem groups are handling L'Affaire DeLay:

I continue to have concerns about the Democratic strategy surrounding the Tom DeLay matter. What, for example, is the DCCC doing trumpeting efforts by vulnerable Republicans to distance themselves from DeLay? They should be emphasizing everyone's ties with DeLay. Rick Santorum is just the Senate version of DeLay. And I'm totally unimpressed with Chris Shays's conversion to the anti-DeLay cause. Abandoning your friends when they get in hot water shows you're a coward, not a principled and independent thinker.

Bob's post below about Nancy Johnson has got me thinking. We should stick it to every Republican no matter what they say about Tom DeLay.

Don't back away from DeLay? Well, then you're definitely scum and we'll be sure to point that out, thank you very much. Try to distance yourself, ala the cowardly Shays? Well, then we'll just point out how close you are to the guy in the first place. It wasn't long ago that Shays had this to say about The Bugman:

"I think he's been a great majority leader."

The GOP loves to pull this kind of stunt no matter how far Dems bend over backwards - think of how they tried to blow Mary Landrieu out of the water even after she had loudly supported Bush's tax cuts and the Iraq war resolution. The Rove rule is: You hurt us, we hurt you; you help us, we hurt you. For the schoolyard bully crowd, that's heads I win, tails you lose.

Guess what, chumps? Now the tables have turned. So here's your choice on DeLay: Damned if you do back away from him, damned if you don't. Enjoy, suckers.

(Shays quote thanks to Cunctator.)

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