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Thursday, April 21, 2005

CT-Sen: DeLauro Floating a Challenge?

Posted by DavidNYC

From DailyKos:

Staffers for Rep. Rosa Delauro of Connecticut floated a possible Lieberman primary challenge at a local party event last night. Now, it may very well have been an eager staffer fantasizing about such a challenge (Delauro would become a national figure and grass- and netroots hero overnight), or it could be a something a bit more orchestrated, a trial balloon of sorts amongst the types of people whose support would be critical for such a David v. Goliath challenge.

Delauro would be a great candidate to take on Lieberman. Other possibilities are Attorney General Dick Blumenthal, who is fixated on an uphill gubernatorial challenge. Or, a favorite alternative of mine, former Republican senator Lowell Weicker -- the very guy who Lieberman ousted with a challenge from the right in 1988. He left the Republican Party and served as governor of CT as an independent. At 74, however, he may be done with politics.

DeLauro's district covers New Haven, where I went to college. She was often in the local news and regularly visited our campus. I got the sense she was a pretty popular and well-regarded figure. Her House website is here, her campaign website is here. A note to the DeLauro team: If you guys want to start a blog, we'd be happy to help.

UPDATE (Bob): Kos has an update where DeLauro says she is supporting Lieberman's re-election.

UPDATE (David): Heh. Thank goodness I put that question mark in the title! Alright, so the search begins anew.

UPDATE (Bob): I think we'll have a better candidate who will put Lieberman at a financial disadvantage.

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I think taking down a Democrat, from a Blue state, who has so obviously gone out of his way to become a conservative will be as much of a needed shock to the party establishment as Gov. Dean's election to DNC chair.

That said, the danger is the aprty moves too far "left". All the more reason for defining priorities as a party. Our party has certainly let us down on votes such as the Iraq war; the far-left anti-US protests the week after 9/11, and the comments of folks like Ward Churchill, however, do nothing but damage the anti-war camp. And on some issues, such as gay marriage, I think we should heed the advice of Democrats such as Barney Frank ratehr than Mayor Newsom.

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