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Monday, April 04, 2005

Anti-Sam Brownback

Posted by Bob Brigham

In the comments, our friend KansasNate gives us a heads-up about his new blog, which is dedicated, "to the Savaging of Sam Brownback" (R-KS).

The Anti-Sam

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Brownback has a ton of slime right on the surface. This guy doesn't even try to appear moderate. He would be a formidable primary candidate for two reasons.

1. Fundies love him. His best friend from High School is the head of a very large, very influential fundemental chrisitian organization in Iowa who has already pledged his support.

2. He has a very pro-corporate voting record that would make fundraising a breeze.

I don't think he would have a chance in the general election... but he could muck up things in the primary. I just plain don't like the guy. In my opinion he makes Kansas look even worse than it already appears.

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