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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Two more State Party Blogs

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Take a moment and head over to the two newest state party websites that have included blogs as a means to communicate directly with the grass/netroots.


New Hampshire

I am particularly fond of the Maine blog. It looks like the party has really spent some time and effort in getting it up, running, and did an effective job getting people to participate.

On a sour note: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party basically said, "f you" to members of a DFA in Bucks County who requested a blog. CLICK HERE for more information -- and expect even more in the near future. As Chris Bowers of MyDD puts it:

Ahhh, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, where reform goes to die. Forcing candidates out of the Senatorial primary. Endorsing Fowler for DNC chair after Dean secured the votes to win. Not giving Ginny their full support (more on that later). And now, this. No wonder in a state where Democrats lead in voter ID and voter registration, they are substantially behind in the legislature, the congressional delegation, and don't have a Seantor. Color me disgusted

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Endorsing Fowler for DNC chair after Dean secured the votes to win.

This I could not really believe. What on EARTH were they thinking? Was there ANY reason for doing this, except for the obvious "fuck you?" (And it's a stupid f-you b/c the DNC controls a lot of money.)

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I was just at a meeting where the webmaster for the Massachusetts Democratic party said they'd have a blog up in about a week or so. I believe they plan to use the free blogger software.

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