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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ride-Sharing to the DNC Caucuses

Posted by DavidNYC

Two down, two to go: The DNC's regional caucuses, which play a key role in the selection of our next DNC chair, are well underway. The Southern caucus took place last week, and the Midwest caucus went on yesterday in St. Louis. But there's still time to make it to the Western caucus (in Sacramento on the 22nd) or the Northeastern caucus (in NYC on the 29th).

If you want to be part of the process - it's your right; all DNC meetings are open to the public (PDF, Art. 9, §12 on p. 12) - and you're looking to share a ride, check out DrivingVotes.com, a great site I had occasion to plug during the campaign season last year. You can also look for rides to the Inauguration on the 20th, which of course I'll be around for. (Believe it or not, school is closed that day.)

So go, make your voice heard - or at least, have a listen.

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I'll be in Sacramento with updates.

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