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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Props to "The Stick"

Posted by Bob Brigham

The Senate Democratic Communications Center, known as the War Room, and nicknamed The Stick has been the best thing to happen to our Party since the Clinton War Room concluded that "speed kills".

When the privateers at "Progress for America" used FDR to promoting destoying Social Security, The Stick struck back.

When Democratic Senators unveiled a positive agenda for America, The Stick pushed it online.

And when the Adminstration tried to manufacture a fake "crisis" to gut Social Security, The Stick organized a hearing to debunk the propoganda.

Full disclosure, I work on Social Security for BlogPAC. But because The Stick organized a hearing, I was able to create a Podcast of the hearing to distribute the message. This is how post-modern politics is waged. The Stick gets it!

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