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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Posted by Tim Tagaris

A few weeks ago, many of us embarked on a project to bring each and every state party online with a blog for their home page. It started with Bob Brigham's discovery that 3/4 of state parties lack the most basic tools for two-way communication with the grassroots. So we embarked on a mission -- a mission to bring the 34 state party websites without blogs, up to speed. Today, I am happy to report that the next of those states has come on board, and who would have guessed it...

The New Alabama Democratic Party Blog.

I must admit, the project got me down. Tales of failed attempts to convince and outright refusal by some states to even discuss the prospect of a blog had me about to call it quits. Now, I am ready to pick the fight back up. Bouyed by the Alabama Democratic Party (Brannon), I want all who stepped in the first time to join me again.

In the extended entry you will find a list of states who don't have blogs, and ones that do but do not use them. Even if someone has claimed a state, jump on board and indicate in the comments that you will do so. Let's put the pressure on from all angles.

Please keep me updated as you progress, or decide not to progress. If states don't want to listen, we can adopt a plan 'B' for them. Let's set a stated goal of June 1, 2005 to bring every state party on board. Once again, please include the state you are adopting and your email address in the comments. If you have already done some work, please report on your experience as well.

The States:

AL: (ttagaris - ttagaris@yahoo.com) - Will have a blog next week
AZ: Just put a blog two days ago.
DE: (ttagaris - ttagaris@yahoo.com) - Currently talking with them
FL: (ttagaris - ttagaris@yahoo.com) - Have had a few conversations with them
IA: (Hans - ) - Need an email address
KY: (ttagaris - ttagaris@yahoo.com) - Turning blog option "on" shortly.
LA: (ara - ara@rubyan.com) Just moved to Louisiana
ME: (Alna Dem - kjosephs@lincoln.midcoast.com)
MA: (Ken Michaud - dudeursistershot@gmail.com) - will email this weekend
MI: (Rabid Nation - david@rabidnation.com)
MT: (Bob Brigham - bob_brigham@yahoo.com) "Montana..I'll land"
NH: (Chuck - DriftawayNH@aol.com) -- Is in for New Hampshire
NY: - We have one person that wishes to remain anonymous.
NC: (ttagaris - ttagaris@yahoo.com) Revamping webpage to include a blog
ND: (ttagaris - ttagaris@yahoo.com) - Talking with State Chairman Monday
PA: (Chris Bowers from MyDD) is going to handle it "in a way so large its hard to imagine"
TN: (ttagaris- ttagaris@yahoo.com) - Talked to them today. Putting one up
TX: (sharon - sharson@ureach.com) - Has decided to mess with Texas
VT: (Lunch Lady - 1cmdavis2002@adelphia.net)
WA: I think either Ron or N in Seattle had a lead here. Can't recall.
WV: (Carnaki -- arkhamnative@yahoo.com)
WI: (Mike - clawson@powerweb.net) - Has already taken step 1

Additionally, ID (Bernine - blberry@salmoninternet.com) Value of using a blog

NM, UT, and WY have blogs that they have decided not to use and

MD's blog has only 2 posts. (Steph@stephaniedray.com &

Tech Help: (Chiggins@chiggins.com)

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I tried e-mailing them, a number of different people in the MA Dem party, and they didn't respond. I'll probably call them some time, but I really don't know that much about the technical aspects of blogging so I could use some help.

Posted by: knuckle50 [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2005 04:09 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

When you get to the tech aspect of the situation, there are people willing to step in. Either that, or I can help out at that time.


Posted by: Tim Tagaris [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 29, 2005 04:12 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Hey Tim,

My name's Howie, and I'm a student at Wesleyan University. I'm warning you in advance that I have no real technological knowledge and may lose some credibility because I'm 18, but I'm absolutely up for giving the Ct. Dems a shot. My email address is hlempel@wesleyan.edu.

Posted by: Biggreen80 [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 31, 2005 04:42 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment