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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Let The Polls Begin

Posted by Tim Tagaris

A Quinnipiac University Poll:

1,186 registered voters from N.Y.
MoE +/- 3%

NY Governor:

Spitzer (D) 50%
Pataki (R) 38%

Spitzer (D) 42%
Powell, Colin (R) 47%

NY Senate

Clinton (D) 58%
Pataki (R) 36%

Clinton (D) 49%
Powell (R) 44%

I have no idea why they tossed Colin Powell into the poll.  Maybe they are looking for a race on an even grander scale than Spitzer v. Pataki.  ABC's Note, where I found the data, says the inclusion of Powell was purely hypothetical and that he has made no overtures toward running.

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Is Powell planning on relocating to New York? I was in new York until 1998 and its hard to believe Pataki is still around -- its good to see Spitzer with such a strong hypothetical lead against a well-known opponent -- is this due to Spitzer's popularity, or are people sick of Pataki, and if so, is that translating to Democratic momentum in the Assembly?

Posted by: Marc at December 8, 2004 02:54 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

I think Colin Powell was born in N.Y.


Posted by: Tim T. at December 8, 2004 03:05 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Rumor has it the administration may ask Colin Powell to make a run, maybe at the Senate if Pataki chooses to run for a fourth term.

Personally, I think Hillary will win the Senate race, even if it's against Pataki. The Democrats have put up pretty lame candidates in the past. Eliot Spitzer is a formidable candidate, he's known in the state, and Kerry even created a buzz when Spitzer for Attorney General of U.S. started surfacing..

Pataki needs to move to the Senate. If he doesn't move now, he's never gonna move. The GOP machine is gonna make Hillary a #1 target, because if they knock her off, they knock her presidential ambitions. "Pataki fatigue" personally, I think it'll be good for New York to undergo a change of administration. We've seen what Pataki can do, we want to change

REMEMBER this.. and this will be key. BILL CLINTON. He will help to boost out turnout especially in the city. Unless Rudy runs (which I doubt), Clinton could get the minority vote out in droves so Hillary would have a tremendous chance to win the Senate race and by way of coat tails help out Spitzer at the same time.

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