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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

2006 Candidates Begin to Unfold

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Busy Day:

Arkansas: Governor 2006

Asa Hutchinson (Republican) is considering an Arkansas Gubernatorial bid in 2006 against an undetermined Democrat.  Current Governor Mike Huckabee is not eligible for re-election.  General Wes Clark has been mentioned as a potential candidate for the Democrats.

Former Arkansas Congressman Asa Hutchinson says he is looking at any number of options for the future now that he has been passed over for the top spot at the Department of Homeland Security.  Hutchinson, and undersecretary in the department, says he may run for Arkansas governor in 2006.

Hutchinson resigned from the U.S. House in 2001 to take a post with the D.E.A.  He is also well-known for his role as House Trial Manager during the Clinton Impeachment.

Nebraska: U.S. Senate 2006

Republican Congressman Tom Osborne will announce his decision on whether or not to attempt a run for Senate in Nebraska next month.  The current seat is held by Democrat Ben Nelson, who will run for re-election.  Many believe that Nelson caught a break when Bush appointed Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns to serve as Secretary of Agriculture in the ever changing Bush cabinet.  Osborne is probably the next best shot for Republicans to take the seat in 2006.  The former Nebraska football coach is a heavyweight in the heavily red state.

Florida: Governor 2006

2004 U.S. Senate candidate Betty Castor (Dem.), fresh off a Senate loss the Mel Martinez (Rep.) in Florida, is acting like a person considering a run for Governor of Florida in 2006.  Jeb Bush is term limited out and there is already a list of 10 candidates who have expressed interest in taking his place.  Castor would seem to have the highest profile of the lot.

As for Jeb.  Will it be a Senate bid in 2006, or a run for White House in 2008?

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While I don't know a lot about Nebraska politics, I do know Tom Osborne is immensely popular there. I think the goal for the Democrats in '06 is to pick up 2-3 seats off the Republicans and losing a seat to GOP in this heavy red state seems inevitable in my eyes if Tom Osborne runs. Osborne is the ball coach, a very popular guy, don't think Nelson would stand a chance.

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Arkansas: I'd like to see Clark stay politicaly active without running for the top job in the land. Governor or Arkansas seems to be the right fit, assuming he can do as well in a general election there as he did in the Presidential primary this time around. If that't not in the cards, could he run for a house seat to unseat a Rep there? One of his biggest weaknesses was his lack of campaign experience. If he gets some experience in the US Congress or as Governor, he could end up being a good VP pick someday. Anyone disagree with that?

Nebraska: Sounds like a sacrificial lamb, to me. Is this a place to find a moderate Dem people might like and use the election to introduce him to the state? No intention to win the race, but let the people there get to know him so maybe they'll vote for him for some other post down the line? If they can keep the campaign clean, there could be high favorables for both guys.

Florida: Gotta win there. We absolutely have to clean up the election process in Florida or the Dems will never win there. Even if the gov doesn't directly handle elections, a Dem as gov could put some serious pressure on that office (not sure how that system works).

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