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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

10 Votes

Posted by Tim Tagaris

From King 5 in Seattle seconds ago.

King County has finished its recount. Christine Gregoire leads with 10 votes now but this figure has not yet been certified.

Combine that with the Washington State Supreme Court decision earlier today that allows for the counting of 700 previously uncounted ballots from King County; at face value, this appears good for Democrats...

However, despite the fact that King County went for Gregoire, maybe the Supreme Court decision was not necessarily a victory for the Dems?  With such a small margin of victory, and a relatively small number of ballots outstanding (700), I hesitate to assume anything.

I am sure there is going to be MUCH more to come.

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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Now we just need to keep our eyes on the Battle in Montana that will decide who holds the Speaker's Gavel. Written arguments were submitted to the Montana Supreme Court today.

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