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Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Job Hunt

Posted by DavidNYC

Some readers had asked, so I thought I'd toss this personal post-election update out there. I did wind up with several job offers for next summer in NYC, and I am very, very pleased with how things turned out. (For all my whining, it was worth it!) I've narrowed it down to two law firms, and I plan to make a final choice soon.

Thanks to all my readers who offered advice and encouragement!

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Congrats Dave!

Posted by: godfrey at November 8, 2004 11:29 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

The next big focus is the 2006 Senate. We must hold at least 41 seats. These are the ones that are up in 2006:

Dan Akaka, HI
Jeff Bingaman, NM
Maria Cantwell, WA
Tom Carper, DE
Jon Corzine, NJ
Dianne Feinstein, CA
Ted Kennedy, MA
Herb Kohl, WI
Joe Lieberman, CT
Paul Sarbanes, MD
Debbie Stabenow, MI

Not Safe
Robert Byrd, WV
Hillary Clinton, NY
Kent Conrad, ND
Mark Dayton, MN
Ben Nelson, NE
Bill Nelson, FL
Jim Jeffords, VT (actually independent)


Lugar, IA
Hatch, UT
Lott, MS
Kyl, AZ
Talent, MO
Burns, MT
Ensign, NV
DeWine, OH
Frist, TN
Hutchinson, TX
Allen, VA (safe unless Warner runs)
Thomas, WY

Not Safe:
Snow, ME
Santorum, PA
Chafee, RI

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What are the plans for this website? I kinda hope you keep it up and running, DavidNYC. I think there is real potential to use the blogosphere to promote the hard-left turn the Party is about to undertake. Anyone catch Howard Dean's speech earlier today? He is not going away anytime soon. I think it's time the Clintonites graciously bow out of the limelight for a period, and allow the progressive wing of the party a shot at getting some real activism happening. This forum can provide an excellent opportunity to inform ppl. of local meet-ups, discussion groups, and rallies in their area.

One final point. I would encourage all of you to lobby the DNC to appoint a Deaniac Chair of the DNC for the coming battle. Maybe even Dean himself. Give it some thought.

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