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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Greetings...

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Thanskgiving greetings from the Ukraine, where they know what to do when every vote doesn't count.  Civil Disobediance at its finest.  Great first person blog account HERE.

Ukraine1 (Mykola Lazarenko/Reuters)

Thanksgiving greetings from Iowa.  Welcome Home.  Here's to the rest of your brothers and sisters in arms returning safely soon as well.

(AP Photo/Quad-City Times, John Schultz)

Thanksgiving Greetings from our President.  He's got big plans for us for the next four years.


Last but not least, Thanksgiving Greetings from Chicago to everyone out there who frequents this blog (and I suppose even those that don't).  I am thankful for all of your wonderful ideas and look foward to keeping tabs on an Emerging Republican Minority while looking at some Swing Congressional Districts in '06.  And thank you to David for making this blog what it is and letting me post a bit here.  Get ready to talk about the two remaining Congressional races in Louisiana this weekend.


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Thanks for the pictures Tim. And Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I just copied this quote from a story I found. It's Colin Powell speaking about the Ukraine elections:

``We cannot accept this result as legitimate because it does not meet international standards,'' Powell told a press briefing at the State Department in Washington. ``We call for a full review of the conduct of the election and the tallying.''

Now, isn't that interesting? Wouldn't it be refreshing if we met international standards here in the U.S. of A.?

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While I am not convinced of widespread voter fraud in the recent U.S. Presidential election -- I find it ironic that the exit polls are the basis for fraud allegations in the Ukraine.

Thanks for commenting, WisVoter.


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