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Monday, November 01, 2004

Get Out the Vote in Pittsburgh - It's Your Turn!

Posted by Seamus


We have 24 hours left. And we need your help NOW!

I've been working down here in Pittsburgh at the Steamfitters Hall with America Votes since Saturday. It has been a good experience, but we have been woefully short on the volunteers we need to get out the vote in the Burg. That means that we need folks within driving distance of Pittsburgh who aren't already committed to getting out the vote to come on down.

Are you supposed to work? Call in sick.

College classes? Call in sick.

Doctor's appointment? Call in sick.

This is the most important election in our lifetime. Directions and more info below the fold.

Use this Mapquest link, enter your address, and create directions.
Mapquest Link to the Steamfitters Hall
Note: If you are traveling north on Route 51, you want to turn left immediately after the BP gas station (also on the left).

Call me on my cell phone at (814) 229-4790 if you need to.

The America Votes coalition, along with SEIU, Sierra Club, and ACT, is trying to help get Pennsylvanians to the polls. But our volunteer base has been inadequate, which means if you can feasibly drop everything on your desk, we need you now.

I've been here since Friday night. That night, we organized canvassing in the Sierra Club office which has a solid volunteer base. On Saturday, we moved on to the America Votes site but have not met our volunteer goals. We have been canvassing the South Side, Greenfield, and other neighborhoods. These are areas that have not turned out to vote in adequate proportions in prior years. Today, we have been canvassing with door hangers to remind folks when polls are open and where their polling place is. Believe it or not, people often do not know these things.

Tomorrow is crunch time. We are going to be canvassing the neighborhoods and reminding folks that we need them to vote. But we need more bodies if we are going to do this successfully.

If you are not within reach of Pittsburgh, please take the time to figure out where you can go help get out the vote. To do that, visit Act For Victory and click on your state. The contact numbers for offices in your state are listed on the left.

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