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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Canada Expects Protests For Bush Visit

Posted by Tim Tagaris

Candian Prime Minister Paul Martin might be welcoming President Bush to his country tomorrow, but the same cannot be said for 15,000 planning on staging two large protests in Ottawa.

If you take part in either of the protests tomorrow, please post your story in the comments section, or email me at ttagaris@yahoo.com.  I will put it on the main page.  If you have pictures, even better.

CNN has the story.

Polls show Canadians mostly disapprove of Bush's conservative values and the war in Iraq. About 59 percent dislike the president and 84 percent support Canada's decision not to send troops to Iraq, an October Ekos Research survey said.

One group, Lawyers Against the War (LAW), wants Bush arrested and charged with war crimes if he even sets foot in the country. The group says Canadian immigration law bars entry to those who have engaged in "gross violations of human rights."

How's that for a neighborly welcome?


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Yes, I was quite disappointed Bush was NOT arrested as soon as he set foot in Canada. I would like to see news of the demonstrations in Ottowa.

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