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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Weekend Open Thread

Posted by DavidNYC

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday - I had two callbacks in one day, and then I schlepped back to DC, so I couldn't even check e-mail for an entire day. (Man, I can't recall the last time that happened.) Anyhow, enjoy this new weekend open thread until I or another poster thinks of something clever to write.

P.S. We had over 100,000 visitors last month. Cool.

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Jerome Armstrong has a Ginny Schrader update with news about the Hacking Scandle:

The race in PA 8th, which all started here with the netroots activists, has become a top-tier, first priority, contest for control of the House. This past week, I've been in DC and out here in the Bay area, engaging in politics, so while the blogging has been light, the insight has been great.

Ginny's race is now one of the keys to taking control of the House for Democrats. I talked with one longstanding GOTV group in DC that, up to about 2 weeks ago, has been standoffish about the 8th, yet now, they are going into the CD with all of their resources. EMILY's list, they are starting to come around, and supposedly are going to "re-evaluate" the race early next week; Philly for Change helping out I heard. And in terms of the CW in DC, pundits like Stuart Rothenberg are starting to shift their predictions. On the ground, Ginny had a 3:1 advantage in turnout for the recent debate; her core supporters being women of all ages.

So, it's with that background of one of the most intriguing 2004 campaigns in development, that the recent break-in through hackers has occurred. If this is the first time you've heard about it, you can read these Daily Kos, Daily Kos, and MyDD threads for background.

In short, the FBI is currently investigating a failed hacker attempt to steal database information within a computer used by the campaign, and it looks like the parties involved have ties to the GOP. If that winds up being the case (read this post if you have any doubt), it's nothing beyond the pale of what we've come to expect from a Republican Party that's getting scared shitless right now about losing control. As that post shows, we are dealing here with the same group of Republicans that attempted to hack into Hillary Clinton's website, and whom successfully hacked the DSCC's computers earlier this year.

It's telling. Ginny's got the Republicans in the 8th on the run. The GOP nominated an ultraright candidate in a moderate district in the backroom, and out in the open, Fitzgerald pales in comparison to Ginny Schrader.

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I thought I would just drop by and let you
know that my husband went and did an absentee
ballot for Kerry yesterday!!! YEHAW!!
Thought you would appreciate the news.

Posted by: Ga6thDem at October 2, 2004 07:53 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

There is a Newsweek poll out that shows John Kerry regaining the lead over George W. Bush. The debate indeed made a difference, in fact I don't think we've seen the full extent of Kerry's bounce.

Perhaps we could have some more Swing State examinations soon.

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Does anybody knows if the movie "team america" is bias? is it a pro Bush movie? thanks.

Posted by: ted at October 2, 2004 08:14 PM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

Ga6th - That is AWESOME news! I know your political differences with your husband are pretty extensive, so I'm incredibly impressed that he's voting Kerry - with your gentle pursuasion, no doubt. :) So, tell me, what was it that finally convinced him?

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Howard Dean is right..getting out the Democratic base vote is the key to this and all future elections for progressives. I remember that when John Kennedy ran he took the base heavily in urban cities. Even though the burbs have changed the dominance of the urban centers our voters need to be sought out again on November 3rd with a vengence as if the next election were just a week away no matter if we win or lose.

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I'm up at 3:49AM what are YOU doing?

Posted by: David Trinh at October 3, 2004 04:50 AM | Permalink | Edit Comment | Delete Comment

What made him decide was the debates. He
votes on economic issues but wasn't really
sure about Kerry. I think just seeing that
Kerry isn't some whacked out waffler and the
fact that he is extremely unhappy with the
direction of the country was decisive for him.

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