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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Spinning the Debates

Posted by DavidNYC

The main reason we won last week's debate is because John Forbes Kerry kicked George Bush's petulant ass. But an aggressive media outreach effort (for once!) by the DNC also helped the post-game spin. Ordinary folks like ourselves fanned out online and off, sending letters to the editor, making phone calls, e-mailing friends and voting in online polls, all in support of Kerry.

Let's be sure we do as good a job once again tonight. I think John Edwards has amazing skills from his not-so-long-ago days as a courtroom litigator, but Dick Cheney is obviously a lot smarter than Bush. However, Cheney is equally ideologically blinkered, and if he sticks to a one-trick-pony attack mode against Edwards (like Bush did against Kerry: "flip-flopper" - only here, it would be "inexperienced"), he's gonna get his ass handed to him. Substantively, we have every reason to expect we'll do quite well tonight.

But once again, we have to do well in the post-game: Sign up for the DNC's media response team if you haven't already. You'll receive an e-mail within minutes of the end of the debate outlining ways you can help us win the battle of the spin.

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While both candidates are clearly very gifted orators, I think that Edwards' charm will put him over the top. Unless the sitting down format of the debate hinders him in any way, because we all know that lawyers are designed to walk around and talk to juries to make their point. We just have to be ready to make the best of any situation that should arise.

As a side note, did anyone hear that Mount St. Helens now has a lava lake in the crater? I think it would be ridiculously funny if Cheney blows his top the same time as the mountain. Just my perverse sense of humor...

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