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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ginny Raises $350K in Third Quarter

Posted by DavidNYC

Just a quick update on Ginny Schrader: She managed to raise an impressive $350,000 during the third quarter of this year - impressive because no one knew who she was until three weeks into the quarter, when Stephen Yellin wrote his now-famous post about the race. Ginny now has over a quarter million cash-on-hand to finish out the race. And the $4,000 we raised for her is a nifty chunk of that.

Her opponent, radical anti-choice extremist Mike Fitzpatrick, pulled down $567K and has $424K left. Don't be intimidated by these numbers. Fitzpatrick should have raised a lot more, given his high profile in the region. And he needs to out-raise Ginny, because the 8th CD leans Dem. What's more, ACT and all the other associated 527s have been working overtime in the Philly region - while Bush has pulled out of PA altogether. Our ground game is going to kick their ground game's ass.

And I have a very strong feeling that Ginny Schrader will be the first Representative in Congress to unofficially carry a (D-Blogosphere) tag, and proudly so.

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