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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

State Legislature Battlegrounds

Posted by DavidNYC

Though this site has focused almost entirely on national politics, state & local races play a hugely important role as well. The Christian Coalition, for one, has had a lot of success at the local level (think school boards) in promoting its agenda. And I'll say that Rudy Giuliani probably had a greater direct effect on my life in the 90s than Bill Clinton did. (Get well soon, Big Dawg.) Though they lack the panache of the big national races, the outcomes in smaller elections can have a large impact.

With that in mind, I point you to this interesting diary by Delaware Dem about the state legislatures that are shaping up to be big battlegrounds. Control of many state Houses and Senates hangs in the balance. Among other things, state legislatures play a big role in Congressional redistricting (see Texas). In a state like Indiana, we could suffer badly if the Democrats lose their slim lead in the lower house & another Tom DeLay steps forward to hijack the redistricting process.

Since these issues are rarely covered in the media, I imagine many people might not even be aware of whether their state legislatures are up for grabs. So I encourage you check out Del Dem's list - and if you see your state on there, be sure to remind your friends & family why it's important to vote for the downticket races as well.

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A group of Texas progressive bloggers has been following the Texas State House races and promoting a number of Democratic candidates there. Check it out at Texas Tuesdays. We've just finished our tour of the Texas House and are about to take a trip through the Congressional races.

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