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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Race2004.net & More on Colorado

Posted by DavidNYC

First, a site that I should have plugged long ago: Race2004.net. They have a great clickable map that will give you comprehensive polling information for every state. It's more thorough and user-friendly than almost any similar site.

Secondly, Winger has a very thoughtful post on why Colorado is winnable for us - not just in the future, but this year. As readers here know, I'm a big believer in pursuing our political future in the fast-growing states of the Southwest. Colorado is in many ways part of this region, in particular due to its growing Hispanic population. (This interesting map created by CommonWealth Magazine includes a good chunk of CO in its "El Norte" region.) I'm not supremely optimistic about our chances this year, but I think NV, CO & AZ will all be blue very soon, and be permanently lost to the GOP not long after.

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Anyone here live in CO? How much money is the GOP spending to defeat Colorado Amendment #36 (spliting the EV)?

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