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Monday, August 02, 2004

Precinct Level Voting, Turnout and Demographic Data

Posted by Chris Bowers

Fairplan 2000 is a remakrable website that offers uniquely detailed data on the 2000 election and on current demographics. It is a must view for anyone interested in local, targeted voter registration and get out the vote drives. Hell, the information is so amazing, that there is almost no limit to its potential poilitical use.

For example, here is my neighborhood, which you can tell did not turnout to vote in a particuarly higher percentage in 2000, even though it went well over 75% for Gore. That is the story of the Democratic Party around the country, I guess.

This is exactly the sort of tool that self-starting swing state activists activists need.

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Check your spelling! You've misspelled remarkable.

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I think we need to find a way to get the word out in Florida to vote Absentee. The GOP are already sending out fliers (ironic they are bad mouthing the Electronic Machines as well). This helped Emperor W make the election as close as it was. He started the day with a 20,000 vote advantage. This will also help to curtail some of the illegal tricks Jeb, Harris and the rest of the Bushies used to steal the election and defraud the people.

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Is data available across the country, or is it just some information for some areas? And if I can get that info, which links do I follow. I'll be travelling through Oregon in September and wanted to spend a day doing voter registration, but it seems Portland is the only place where there's much data, and even there it doesn't have a breakdown by Gore/Bush voters like the PA map you posted did. Thanks in advance.

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Here is John Zogby's commentary on his most recent national poll. Very interesting, and a must read! Things look very rosie for us dems. Gotta keep it going! It looks like there will be a bigger turnout than usual and the new voters favor our man strongly.


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This site lists 26 states, rather than the full comp of 50. They have heavily focused on the South, Southwest, and West, so I assume the idea is "changing demographics for the next century" rather than "areas where Democrats can win in 2004". It isn't a list of swing states per se, as states like Iowa are left out but Texas, for example, is included.

I understand the point of registering Democrats in Texas, as a long-term strategy and to benefit local races. This site may be good for presidential campaigns, or for progressive campaigns in Republican-majority states, but I can't think of a way to use it for races in Democratic-majority states where a progressive challenger wishes to run against a Republican incumbent. Or, to put it more simply: you can't use it in 24 states.

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The WV map is very interesting... if ya look at the Bush v Gore data, it's remarkably like a geological map (with Gore winning in the "Coal Measures")... ah... reminds me of the good ole days when people seriously tried to predict elections by soil types... :-)

Oh and the demographic data is availble for all states.

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There is a clever (and free!) resource at www.stopmeshirts.com to help those who want to volunteer to help get out the vote but either cannot find the time or feel uncomfortable approaching people. Hope this helps to swing some voters to get Bush out!

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My precinct is beet red but that is the case for much of Texas.

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Swiss Voting Methods to be Shown in Boulder, Colorado

Principal of company to present ballots and answer questions on how Switzerland achieves hand counting with high reliability and fast results.

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WHY: To show how easy and reliable the Swiss method of voting is, and how to implement it here.

Why Boulder? Local citizen support for hand counted paper ballots.

WHAT: Public Presentation of Methods and colorful ballots, moderated panel discussion with local elections experts, question and answer session, hopefully chocolate.

HOW: In person presentation by the founder of the company attempting to package the Swiss election methodologies for use in the United States.

Beat Fehr, founder of the Swiss Voting System company (http://www.swissvs.org) will offer an in-person presentation of information, methods and sample ballots used in Switzerland -- a mountainous nation of about 7 million people known for accuracy, precision and reliability -- that enable the country to achieve election results with the maximum voter confidence using transparent hand counted and cross checked methods in a matter of hours.

This free public presentation will be held in the Boulder Public Library Auditorium at 7pm on Monday, January 3rd, 2005

Thanks to Richards Events Management for sponsoring the use of the auditorium space.

For more information please contact:

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Seasonal greetings.

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