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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Nader's Ballot Access in the Southwest

Posted by DavidNYC

According to this post on Kos, Nader's spot on the ballot in Arizona is looking more and more precarious - at least in part because convicted felons carried petitions for him, which is a no-no in AZ.

And reader Stan writes in to tell me that Nevada for Nader - a group which had collected 7,000 signatures to place Nader on the ballot as an independent, but had not yet submitted them - has withdrawn its support of Nader now that he's tapped Peter Camejo to be his VP. (Camejo apparently was the Socialist Workers Party presidential candidate in 1976, something which didn't sit well with at least some of NV's independents.) It's not clear to me how Nader will get on the ballot in NV now - whether he'll rely on the state Green Party, or whether he'll go out and collect a new batch of signatures.

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With Nader not getting Green ballot access in Nevada, they have re-contacted Nevada for Nader but been told the group will only allow Nader to use the petitions already collected with Adams as VP and will not re-collect any new petitions with self-proclaimed Communist Camejo as VP (camejo told press in 2003 in Governor's race he was a watermelon-Green (party) on the outside but red through and through on the inside.

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as of July 1 more signatures had come in on the Independent petition drive upping total to about 14,400+ but contacted once again by nader campaign, have again been told a VP switch to camejo is unacceptable and reimbursement for expenses incurred would have to be received first before allowing submission.

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