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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Kerry Ahead in Maine

Posted by DavidNYC

A new poll shows John Kerry with a big lead in Maine (no trendlines):

Kerry: 49
Bush: 39
Undecided/Other: 12
(MoE: 4%)

I'm not familiar with the firm that did this poll, Critical Insights, but Polling Report includes them, so that's at least one seal of approval. I have to believe that Bush is really screwed in Maine, even in the more Republican-leaning second CD. An old Critical Insights poll done back in September of last year showed "Democrat" beating George Bush 45-36. A Strategic Marketing Services poll from a few months back gave Kerry a big 51-38 lead, and Rasmussen's latest (salt as needed) has Kerry up a whopping 19 points, 54-35.

One reassuring detail: According to CI, independents favor Kerry 45-34 over Bush - and there are more independents than Republicans or Democrats in Maine.

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Kerry is opening a wide lead in Maine. That's big! Maine was suppossed to be a swing state this year. Its an indication that Kerry is running a strong campaign. I know he's from neighboring MA, but still the numbers are rather impressive and indicate that Kerry will be a strong candidate this fall.

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