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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Swing State Project is Growing!

Posted by DavidNYC

I'm very pleased to announce that three new guest-posters have joined the SSP: Seamus (of the Seamus Press) and Fester (of Fester's Place) will be reporting on the Presidential race from Pennsylvania, while Ricky (of Timshel) will be doing the same from Louisiana. I'll continue to do the in-depth analyses, while the new posters (all of whom have excellent blogs that you should also check out) will typically do more quick-hit commentary on news stories.

Also, I'm on the lookout for more guest-posters. Ultimately, I'd like to have people from all 21 swing states. Ideal candidates either are established bloggers or are regular diarists at DailyKos. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. And please give a warm welcome to Seamus, Fester and Ricky.

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Got anybody from Florida?

Also, have been working a state polling page, but its just too much work for one person. Maybe we can collaborate.

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Six Useful Websites - Plus one More
for political reference materials

Here are a list of websites I find useful in trying to figure out what is happening in this race.

www.vote-smart.org - Project Vote Smart - lists most federal and state elected officials with extensive info on their voting records.

www.whitehouseforsale.org - White House for Sale - tracks contributions to presidential candidates and who's getting what for their money.

www.opensecrets.org Open Secrets - among other things provides detailed breakdowns of contributions for most candidates for national office.

www.moveon.org - Move On - started largely as a discussion forum in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky fiasco. Morphed into a center of opposition to invasion and conquest of Iraq. Gained major backing from George Sorros and is now spinning off various projects.

www.bushin30seconds.org - Bush in 30 Seconds - a Move On.org spin off focused on grass roots funding for and production of anti-Bush ad campaigns.

www.brillig.com/debt_clock/ - National Debt Clock - keeps a running tally of the national debt

The of course there is:

www.swingstateproject.com - Swing State Project - seems to have fairly sophisticated analysis of "on the ground" conditions in swing states, organized state by state. The absense of good info on Florida to date is a somewhat glaring weakness.

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