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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Sporadic Posting

Posted by DavidNYC

I just want to explain the sporadic frequency of posts (and the fact that I haven't done a full-bore state analysis in a while). I chose to start this blog at just about the worst time possible: the middle of my first semester at law school. As you may know, law schools are fond of working their first-year students to death. A month ago, my schedule wasn't so bad, but now that we're down to the last month of the semester, with exams just weeks away, it's hard for me to post regularly.

I should have the chance to put up some new material over Thanksgiving, and I'd like to catch up on a bunch of states over winter break. So thanks for bearing with me during this period of semi-hiatus. Heading into 2004, the Swing State Project should be strong - at least until my next finals period. :)

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Dude, work on your outlines and do well in your first semester exams. We'll still be here hoping for change in 2004.

Although, you may want the distraction to keep you sane while studying.

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I'm in grad school and absolutely use the political sites to distract. What gets frustrating is wanting to really crank out a missive on some hot topic but because of the paper due on Friday you can't.

So I sympathize.

Question; Any thought on specific candidates impact on swing states?

Does Dean's civil union support hurt or help in Iowa, PA?

Does Clark's military background kill him in NH?

Be nice for some one to get some data down.

Hang-in there, in a month it will all be over... until next semester.


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You can do it, meaning both go to law school and keep this site fairly current.

Back in the 70's, I commuted 5 hours to and from law school (Hastings) and was the grassroots leader of a group that worked to stop construction of an Army Corp dam in northern California.


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