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Tennessee Election Results

by: Crisitunity

Fri Aug 06, 2010 at 8:06 AM EDT

The main event of last night was the Republican gubernatorial primary, which ended surprisingly quickly, with a convincing victory by Knoxville mayor Bill Haslam. Haslam, the ostensible 'moderate' in the race, benefited from not only his lots of his own money, but also from having the moderate side to himself and a conservative pile-up in opposition (and the fact that Tennessee has no runoffs). He defeated Rep. Zach Wamp and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey 47-29-22. (In one more parallel to the Michigan governor primary, Wamp, who said in his concession speech that "The best candidate doesn't always win," can now compete with Rep. Peter Hoekstra as to which one can be the douchiest loser.) Haslam is certainly favored against Dem Mike McWherter in November.

In the House races, there were extremely close GOP primaries in the TN-03 and TN-06 open seats In the 3rd, the somewhat less objectionable Chuck Fleischmann beat former state party chair Robin Smith 30-28. In the 6th, Diane Black won with 31, over fellow state Sen. Jim Tracy and crazed Islamophobe Lou Ann Zelenik (with both at 30). Black faces Dem Brett Carter, who won a similarly close race.

Two other GOP primaries were less close. In TN-08, for the right to face Roy Herron to succeed retiring John Tanner, Stephen Fincher won a surprisingly convincing victory over two self-funders, Ron Kirkland and George Flinn, 48-24-24. And in potential sleeper race TN-04, to face Lincoln Davis, Scott DesJarlais beat Jack Bailey 37-27.

The very last race card may have been played in TN-09. In the third straight slime-covered Dem primary here that was all about race, embarrassing former Memphis mayor Willie Herenton came up woefully short in his quest (predicated almost entirely on Herenton being black and Cohen being white, in a black-majority district) to unseat Rep. Steve Cohen, by a 79-21 margin. Somehow I don't think this'll be the last primary Cohen ever sees, but hopefully they'll be about something other than race in the future.

Finally, the 15 minutes of fame for Basil Marceaux -- whose flag has 49 stars because he'll be dead in the cold cold ground before he recognizes Missourah -- seem to be up, as the viral video hero got 0% in the Republican TN-Gov primary and 1% in the TN-03 primary.

Crisitunity :: Tennessee Election Results
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Seems like voters don't want members of Congress running their states
Wamp is the fourth Rep. to lose a primary for Governor, after Artur Davis, Gresham Barrett, and Pete Hoekstra. Mary Fallin is the only one to succeed. And, of course, there was also Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Voters seem to prefer those with administrative experience, be it mayors, those holding statewide office (AG, SOS, etc), or individuals who have administered large business operations.  

Democrat: TN-8

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Here in Illinois
the experience that you are talking about doesn't matter.  We voted in a short term congressman with good political connections as governor.  That turned out.... oh never mind.  Maybe voters in other states are on to something.

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Based On That Assessment
Neil Abercrombie should lose in Hawaii in September. I believe he is the last House member currently running for governor who has yet to face the primary voters.

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He's not a House member...
he resigned a while ago.

21, dude, RI-01 (registered) IL-01 (college)
please help Japan. click "donate funds" in upper right and then "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami."

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lol, technicality

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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Technically, He Resigned
only a few months ago, before the special election in May or something. It's not like Tom Barrett from Wisconsin who's been out of the House for 8 years, so no one associates the mayor to that body.

And by the way, I forgot Nathan Deal. He's got a runoff on Tuesday. Same thing as Abercrombie, only resigned a few months ago.

I wonder if Deal can 'seal the deal' against Handel, or would Handel be too much for Deal to 'handle'? Bad pun :-P

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Complete preliminary analysis...
here at my blog.

There is some interesting side information worth reading, I think.

On to Colorado...
Unless I am missing one, CO is the last really close statewide primary left in August.  Alaska and Arizona seem destined for incumbent retention.  NH is the only big one in September, unless I am leaving off something.    

You are...
My home state of RI is actually seeing some primary action in RI-01, but Cicilline is probably the runaway favorite still. Same is true of Langevin in RI-02. MA-10 has competitive primaries on both sides. NY's up there in importance, and Michelle Rollins hasn't won the Republican nomination for DE-AL just yet. (and even then I might be missing something)

21, dude, RI-01 (registered) IL-01 (college)
please help Japan. click "donate funds" in upper right and then "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami."

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Proud member of the Indiana Democratic Party from IN-9.  

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That's August 24

21, dude, RI-01 (registered) IL-01 (college)
please help Japan. click "donate funds" in upper right and then "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami."

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Florida, Washington open primary, Wisconsin, Wyoming maybe
Connecticutt, Georgia runoff, Minnesta.

Many good primary nights yet to come.

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CA-SD 15 runoff which isn't looking great.

21, dude, RI-01 (registered) IL-01 (college)
please help Japan. click "donate funds" in upper right and then "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami."

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R Gov race is August 17th. Also, the WA primary, which shouldn't really be close.  Next week is the GA-Gov (R) run-off, the CT-Gov primaries and return of Rob Simmons next week, MN-Gov next week, AK and AZ (R) sen on the 24th, along with FL-Gov (R) and FL-Sen (D) and VT-Gov (D), LA-Sen (R) primary the 28th. In September, we have the WI Gov (R) primary, the NY-Sen and Gov (R) primaries n the 14th and the HI-Gov (D) primary on the 18th.  

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I think that was his son Basil Marceaux Jr. in the TN-03 race
or was it TN-SH-29?

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

Granted, Zelenik is intense.  

But if I recall, a few years ago, Islams confessed to blowing up the World Trade Centers in the name of Allah on a holy crusade (their word being "jihad.")

I may not be an "islama-phobe," but I definitely qualify as an "islama-wary."

If you have the opportunity
befriend someone of the Muslim faith. 99.999something % of them worship the same God that most of us do, just somewhat differently.

I learned a lot about Islam from a friend originally from Syria during one Ramadan, as we walked while everyone else ate lunch.

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While this Democrat
would strongly agree would you and Ron Ramsey on this matter, it is against the rules of this site to discuss controversial issues which have little to do with elections.  Just to let you know since you are a new user.

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Those were fundamentalist crazies
Every religion has its crazies.

The reason we don't see as many around here, and take things like the George Tillman murder as isolated cases for granted, is because our standards of living our better and we're better educated, and thus more resistant to fundamentalist violence.

Of course, some people would like to do away with this resistance and go into full culture war mode, plunging us back to the Middle Ages or so.

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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Every religion has its crazies
but it is when number of the crazies outnumber the sane people in a religion that it ceases to be a religion in my book. Anyway this is really offtopic.  

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Ever heard of the "silent majority"?
and biased sample?

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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Did drop that out of your you know what?
Tim McVeigh claimed he blew up the Murrah building in the name of God and against Satan's one world government. The casualty list exceeded 300 people. Are you also "Christian-wary"?

Countless medieval popes in the name of God persecuted and murdered non-Catholic christians and Jews because they were considered "heretics" and needed to be cleansed of the devil. The casuality list was in the millions. Are you also "Catholic-weary"?

Need I go on or shall I assume you stand corrected?

Indepedent/Lean D. Dude.
All 5s (now TX-5; frmly VA-5 and CA-5)  

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I take it you're a Christianity, but I'm a Judaism so I wouldn't know.

21, dude, RI-01 (registered) IL-01 (college)
please help Japan. click "donate funds" in upper right and then "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami."

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Welcome to SSP
Now please leave.

23, Male, PA-05 (summer) PA-12 (winter)

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This is beyond off-topic.
I don't know if you truly believe what you're saying or you're just saying it for inflammatory effect. Regardless, your comment is thoroughly off-topic and inappropriate for our community.

I'm banning your account.


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Diane Black
Wasn't she the one who refused to fire her aide who had put out list of Presidents with Obama's image replaced with that of a a minstrel/golliwog type face? If so, it was a race between a Muslim-baiting fascist, a racist tolerating Hispanic hating right-winger and a lame GOPer who got out-baited by the first two.

At this rate, I just dare the GOP to nominate a Southern Republican for national office again.  

Indepedent/Lean D. Dude.
All 5s (now TX-5; frmly VA-5 and CA-5)  

I think
That was Robin Smith. Also, Black may not have won yet. All of the votes are not yet counted, with military ballots still coming in. Zelenik has not conceded.

[ Parent ]
No, it was indeed Diane Black...
and her administrative assistant Sherri Goforth was the one who sent out that racist e-mail depicting Obama as a "spook".

When confronted with it, Black only "verbally" reprimanded Goforth, and didn't fire her ass on the spot.  Haven't seen any news that Goforth was ever fired by Black for that.

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Sounds alot like Robin Smith
I haven't heard any extremeist comment from Black (or any to be exact) but I have heard Smith say some controversial things regarding Islsm.

22, Male, Democrat, PA-18.

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