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Turnout Open Thread

by: James L.

Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 5:51 PM EST

Have an update about state or local turnout?  Post it here.  Let's get a sense of how many voters are turning out in key states.

Connecticut: According to the New Times in Danbury, Connecticut's Secretary of State is claiming that 70% of eligible voters will turn out this year, topping 2004's Presidential-level turnout of 56%.  Wowza.  Is this the strength of Ned Lamont's ground game at work and his outsider appeal energizing disinterested voters?  Or will Lieberman be able to make up the difference by his strength in traditional voting blocs?  We'll see, but I suspect this one will be tighter than many of the polls have assumed.

Virginia: Turnout may reach historic levels for a midterm election, perhaps with a turnout as high as 65%--which would be a figure double the size of 2002's turnout.  Turnout looks high in both Fairfax county in Northern Virginia and in Southwestern Virigina, according to CNN.  On balance, I would say that this favors Webb, but it definitely still looks like a nailbiter at this point.

More updates as they come.

James L. :: Turnout Open Thread
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Nice Early Exit Poll Numbers for Donks....
I was jerked around by exit polls at this time in the day two years ago, so forgive me if I'm going to remain skeptical until I see some returns!  Put me in the Eeyore camp, I guess. ;)

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MyDD might be picking up
those exit polls from or their source which is also not disclosed. Although the results are close to my predictions, I don't put much faith in these,as you say.
I'll go with analysis of actual precint results.
I just finished a Virginia target precinct analysis & list.

(-8.50/-7.44) "Real Democrats don't make promises they can't keep." Dr. Howard Dean

According to those exit polls are out of the DNC from a "Senior Staffer".

With 13% in... Ellsworth has 70% in IN-08 (CNN)
Yrmuth leading Northup by 3%.

(-8.50/-7.44) "Real Democrats don't make promises they can't keep." Dr. Howard Dean

Did GOTV in Virginia
I can believe that turnout was historic. Almost everyone I talked to had voted, with a couple people planning on voting soon. (I was in Alexandria, so almost everyone was a Webb supporter, too.)

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