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KS-Sen: Tiahrt Makes it Official

by: James L.

Sat Jan 31, 2009 at 2:55 PM EST

Fast forward, selecta!

Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.) officially launched his 2010 Senate bid Saturday, setting up a primary face off with fellow Republican Rep. Jerry Moran.

"As I travel across Kansas listening and sharing my vision for a more prosperous state, I have been encouraged to take my leadership to the United States Senate in 2010," Tiahrt said at an event in Topeka, according to a statement issued by his campaign.

"I am resolute in my determination to take on tough battles in Washington to get things done for the great people of Kansas," he said. "I stand before you today announcing that I am now a candidate for the United States Senate."

The gulf between Moran and Tiahrt isn't especially wide ideologically, but Tiahrt's profile as a hard-right culture warrior may work to the advantage of Kansas Democrats should he manage to defeat Moran. From CQ:

"Tiahrt running for seat is ironically helpful for Democrats," said Burdett Loomis, a professor of political science at University of Kansas and longtime observer of state politics. "If Tiahrt gets the nomination, the Democratic nomination is really worth something to anyone who could track funding. Tiahrt is perceived as quite a social conservative, and he doesn't have terrific recognition outside his district. Moran has a much broader identification around the state."

Open seat fans should be aware that Tiahrt's 4th CD has an old PVI of R+12.2 and only gave Obama 40% of the vote this time around -- pretty tough sledding, even though the area has sent Democrats to the House in decades previous.

CQ identifies state Rep. Raj Goyle as the leading candidate for Kansas Democrats -- assuming he wants the nomination. In the diaries earlier this week, kansasjackass gave us some more detail:

State Rep. Raj Goyle shocked the Kansas political establishment when he beat incumbent Republican State Rep. Bonnie Huy in 2006, and has since made a name for himself as an able and ambitious member of the state legislature.  As a testament to the quality of a candidate he is, in his reliably Republican district his original election in 2006 wasn't that close (56%-44%) and his re-election in 2008 was a blow-out: He won 67% of the vote.

Sounds like a guy worth keeping an eye on.

James L. :: KS-Sen: Tiahrt Makes it Official
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Best thing on Raj's Website
Anti Fred Phelps complete with legislative accomplishments.

Should he run, I look forward to this becoming a campaign issue.

26, Male, Democrat, TX-26

I don't think...
that anyone in this thread was suggesting that he run for Senate.

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Yeah, You're Right
I totally missed that paragraph between the quote and the paragraph that first mentions Raj.

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Time for Sebelius to step up
and win this seat.

Not yet.
She's the executive of the state that just elected plenty of new fresh faces. Time to go out on a big hurrah, start the session and escort a few legislative accomplishments through.

Plenty of time between now and the early fall to declare. She's still the governor of a "hostile" state for democrats.

26, Male, Democrat, TX-26

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Agree with that
Fundraising shouldn't be a problem even with a late start and Kansas isn't exactly an expensive state for ads.

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A agree Sebelius should wait it out.  Let the republicans attack one another unmercifully while she glides along with high spprovals as Governor.  She's probably better off waiting until at least mid to late 2008 to announce since she's the only big name Dem likely to get into the race.

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Probably the best shot a D will ever have to break the LOOOOONNNNGGGGGGG drought in Kansas.  

This Raj guy sounds interesting.  He could pull a lot of net roots support, perhaps.  

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Goyle pulled in a lot of money in 2006
$90K-ish total, over half of it from outside of Kansas.

So if he runs, i'd imagine there's reason to not be concerned about his ability to raise money.

If Duke/Harvard Law grads can't raise money, who can?

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She'd Better Step Up
Against these two nutbars (Moran and Tiahrt)? In a state where she's the most popular politician? C'mon, Kathleen, everything's been pretty much laid out just for you.

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Kathleen is probably going to need to make sure that there's
not too much illwill towards her for the cuts she's supporting in Kansas.

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The only announcement needed now
would be if she was not running.

Lacking that announcemnt, I'd presume she is running, unless circumstances change dramatically somehow.

LOL... Kansas, the New Mexico of 2010.

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Ehh... that's a bit much
I don't believe for a minute even Sebelius can win by double-digits, much less by the margin Tom Udall won by.  The demographics alone in Kansas make getting >55% for any Dem in a Senate race a near impossibility.  I have a feeling a lot of those moderate republicans in Kansas will be less likely to want to send her to D.C. as Senator than they were as Governor.

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Congress vs. Governor
That reminds me...any word on whether Gary Trauner is running for WY-Gov?

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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I agree....
..there is an opening.  But let us remember this is Kansas.  Back in 1996 Sheila Frahm was challenged by a certain wingnut named Sam Brownback.  Far enough to the right that a real opportunity was seen and we did have a pretty a pretty decent candidate in Jill Docking who even led in some early polls.

Of course it was an election year and of course favorite son Bob Dole was at the top of the ticket.  But even against a nut in Kansas you need to bring your best game to have a chance.  And Sebellius is our best game.

NY-13, Democrat. Blog @ http://infinitefunction.wordpr...

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She's like a curry
"Fast forward, selecta!" - James L. reveals his love of Flight of the Conchords (hell yeah!)


Delaware Liberal - biggest and best blog in Delaware.

"She's so hot she's MAKING me sexist!"

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How many House republicans out so far?
Albeit these two guys are shooting for senator, still useful to keep track of open seats though, but I'm starting to lose track.

7 House R's have thrown in the towel so far.

I just added Tiahrt to the list. Feel free to add any more incumbents that I may have missed or any new retirements.

My blog
28, New Democrat, Female, TX-03 (hometown CA-26)

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Don't believe Young or King are confirmed
the former seems to ignore retirement rumors every two years and the latter seems to be quickly backing away from his plans to run for Senate.  King may very well just retire though, I notice a pattern of politicians vocally mentioning how they're considering running for higher office and then just deciding to quit instead when their plans don't work out, such as Chuck Hagel and Tom Davis from this past year.

Senator Hutchison seems to be a good bet to resign since Texas has a resign-to-run law, and she transferred a large sum of money over to a gubernatorial account.

On the to watch list: Vern Buchanan and Connie Mack both looking at the Florida Senate seat.  Also Mike Castle of Delaware who may retire if it looks like he's getting a tough challenge.

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You should do something to note
whether they are on the "watch list" or if they are confirmed to be retired.  Putnam, Young, and King are not confirmed retirements yet.  If we're speculating, there is an old guy in California that should be on the list, Castle should be on the list, Lord who flubbed his retirement in 2008.  

[ Parent ]
You should include these things:
What they are doing (retiring, running for what office, etc.).
Potential retirements (just don't go overboard with this).

Note that some people might run for their current seat as well as another seat.

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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I actually have one of these in the kitty
A resurrection of SSP's Open Seat Watch charts. I'm hoping to publish it either today or tomorrow.

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Raj Goyle
An Indian-American Democrat named Raj Goyle represents a Witchita district in the Kansas House of Representatives?

Get out of here! That's pretty surprising.  

Liberty Avenue Politics - a place for politics in Southern Queens

Have to say that was my first thought
But stranger things have happened...

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A Republican Vietnamese-American representing New Orleans in Congress is stranger.

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Bobby Jindal, heh
He represented the one Louisiana district that the Democrats have absolutely no business in (even though I heard Jim Harlan lost by only 25 points rather than 40 points this year).  And now he's governor of this "rapidly reddening" state.

I think there's less of a stigma associated with "Browns" as there is with Blacks.  (By the way, are those terms supposed to be capitalized?)  I mean, there's the "they run the local 7-11" stereotype, but there's also the "hard-working east/south Asian parents want kids to grow up to be doctors" stereotype.

Hmm, seems like the two parties are trying to outdo each other with throwing minorities into positions of power.

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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Just got back from South Africa
and it is really quite interesting with their race dynamics compared to ours.  In South Africa, the blacks are all horribly off while those of Indian descent, even while being subjected to segregation and the works under apartheid, still do quite a bit better.  And the same is in the US, Indian immigrants seem to do quite well compared to other immigrant groups, who all do pretty sub-par compared to whites.  And as should be noted, the black population isn't an immigrant population but I lumped them with them anyway, similar dynamics currently, different set of circumstances of how they got here.

[ Parent ]
Didn't they have a tier system under apartheid?
I seem to recall that people of Indian descent were considered by the government to be in between whites and native African peoples', subjected to some but not all of the discrimination.  It's almost a forgotten part of Ghandi's life that he began his non-violent demonstration movement in South Africa after seeing how his own people were treated there.

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