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1Q Fundraising Round-Up

by: James L.

Mon Apr 16, 2007 at 4:11 AM EDT

(Bumped. - promoted by James L.)

UPDATE: I just added new numbers for John Doolittle and Charlie Brown in CA-04. It was a pleasant surprise to see Brown pull in nearly $89,000 during the first quarter--a number made more impressive when you stack it against the totals raised by other rematch-seekers (Eric Massa, Darcy Burner, Mary Jo Kilroy, Larry Kissell, et cetera). I also added Ric Keller (FL-08), whose $27K report shouldn't chase off a strong challenger from emerging to this underperforming incumbent. More new names: Ciro Rodriguez (TX-23), Blumenauer & DeFazio (OR-03 & OR-04), Hayes & Kissell (NC-08), and John McHugh (NY-23).

Now that the two week deadline for House and Senate campaigns to file their first quarter fundraising reports has passed, let's round up all reports that we've logged here, here, here, and here--and add a whole bunch more for good measure.

First, a few Senate numbers:

District Candidate Party 1Q Raised Cash-on-Hand
CO-Sen Mark Udall* D $324K $1.54m
LA-Sen Mary Landrieu D-inc. $1.02m $1.8m
ME-Sen Tom Allen* D $393K $812K
MN-Sen Norm Coleman R-inc. $1.5m $2.8m
MN-Sen Al Franken D $1.35m $1.1m
MT-Sen Max Baucus D-inc. $1.1m $2.9m
NC-Sen Elizabeth Dole R-inc. $1.7m $1.5m
NH-Sen Steve Marchand D $100k (n/a)
NH-Sen Katrina Swett D $462K $443K
VA-Sen John Warner R-inc. $500 $667K

(*Denotes numbers filed for House campaign accounts, which will be transferred over to their soon to be formed Senate accounts.)

It's great to see Tom Allen nearly doubling his war chest during the first three months of the year, and it's even better to know what Mark Udall's $1.5 million must be doing to the psyche of his Republican competition in Colorado.

Next up, we have lotsa noteworthy new numbers from House incumbents and challengers (but mostly incumbents). All of these figures were taken from FEC's E-Filing Report Retrieval page:

District Candidate Party 1Q Raised Cash-on-Hand
AZ-01 Rick Renzi R-inc. $118K $81K
AZ-05 Harry Mitchell D-inc. $235K $223K
AZ-08 Gabby Giffords D-inc. $320K $415K
CA-04 John Doolittle R-inc. $128K $91K
CA-04 Charlie Brown D $89K $136K
CA-11 Jerry McNerney D-inc. $347K $297K
CA-11 Richard Pombo R -$825 $35K
CO-04 Marilyn Musgrave R-inc. $247K $268K
CT-02 Joe Courtney D-inc. $307K $287K
CT-05 Chris Murphy D-inc. $420K $448K
DE-AL Mike Castle R-inc. $96K $1.21m
FL-08 Ric Keller R-inc. $27K $153K
FL-10 Bill "C.W." Young R-inc. $15K $434K
FL-13 Vernon Buchanan R-inc. $462K $280K
FL-13 Christine Jennings D $236K $49K
FL-16 Tim Mahoney D-inc. $458K $439K
FL-22 Ron Klein D-inc. $611K $533K
GA-08 Jim Marshall D-inc. $125K $353K
GA-12 John Barrow D-inc. $252K $506K
IA-04 Tom Latham R-inc. $143K $215K
IA-05 Steve King R-inc. $16K $21K
ID-01 Bill Sali R-inc. $87K $70K
IN-02 Joe Donnelly D-inc. $342K $264K
IN-08 Brad Ellsworth D-inc. $228K $216K
KS-02 Nancy Boyda D-inc. $137K $171K
KS-02 Jim Ryun R $171K $256K
KY-03 John Yarmuth D-inc. $304K $293K
LA-06 Richard Baker R-inc. $94K $66K
MI-07 Tim Walberg R-inc. $136K $160K
MI-09 Joe Knollenberg R-inc. $262K $280K
MN-01 Tim Walz D-inc. $187K $156K
MN-06 Michelle Bachmann R-inc. $259K $200K
MT-AL Denny Rehberg R-inc. $76K $300K
NC-08 Robin Hayes R-inc. $150K $176K
NC-08 Larry Kissell D $12K $469
NH-01 Carol Shea-Porter D-inc. $107K $128K
NH-01 Jeb Bradley R-inc. $7K $64K
NH-02 Paul Hodes D-inc. $248K $203K
NM-01 Heather Wilson R-inc. $274K $250K
NM-02 Steve Pearce R-inc. $114K $196K
NM-03 Tom Udall D-inc. $1,600 $713K
NV-03 Jon Porter R-inc. $234K $235K
NY-13 Vito Fossella R-inc. $133K $83K
NY-19 John Hall D-inc. $341K $342K
NY-20 Kirsten Gillibrand D-inc. $668K $552K
NY-23 John McHugh R-inc. $51K $111K
NY-25 Jim Walsh R-inc. $105K $132K
NY-26 Tom Reynolds R-inc. $238K $356K
NY-29 Randy Kuhl R-inc. $93K $104K
NY-29 Eric Massa D $7K $2K
OH-02 Jean Schmidt R-inc. $20K $17K
OH-15 Deborah Pryce R-inc. $167K $171K
OH-15 Mary Jo Kilroy D $23K $36K
OH-16 Ralph Regula R-inc. $1,560 $91K
OH-18 Zack Space D-inc. $213K $180K
OR-03 Earl Blumenauer D-inc. $92K $405K
OR-04 Peter DeFazio D-inc. $24K $106K
PA-04 Jason Altmire D-inc. $225K $225K
PA-06 Jim Gerlach R-inc. $213K $107K
PA-07 Joe Sestak D-inc. $444K $587K
PA-08 Patrick Murphy D-inc. $340K $301K
PA-10 Chris Carney D-inc. $248K $210K
PA-15 Charlie Dent R-inc. $181K $221K
TX-22 Nick Lampson D-inc. $219K $261K
TX-23 Ciro Rodriguez D-inc. $221K $356K
VA-02 Thelma Drake R-inc. $227K $190K
VA-11 Tom Davis R-inc. $623K $833K
WA-08 Dave Reichert R-inc. $185K $48K
WA-08 Darcy Burner D $17K $38K
WI-08 Steve Kagen D-inc. $155K $167K
WY-AL Barbara Cubin R-inc. $18K $9K

A few quick thoughts:

1) Kirsten Gillibrand has been working overtime to deter any strong Republican opposition from forming against her in New York's 20th district. Her $668,000 raised is simply awe-inspiring. I haven't gone through each individual filing, but I bet that, aside from members of the House leadership, she made the largest fundraising splash of 2007.

2) Don't miss Flordia Republican Bill Young's measley $15,000 raised. Despite Florida Democrats pouring on the heat over his inaction during the Walter Reed scandal and the DCCC actively recruiting potential challengers in the district, Young, who will be 78 on election day, vowed that he would not bend to what he called a "smear campaign" against him. At that level of fundraising, he sure isn't preparing for much of a brawl.

3) Tim Walberg's underwhelming total of $136K certainly won't deter a top-shelf candidate from giving this Club For Growth stooge a hard challenge next year. MI-07 and FL-10 have got to be in the top five Democratic House targets this cycle.

Anything we missed?

James L. :: 1Q Fundraising Round-Up
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Just a slight correction to MN-Sen
Franken finalized his numbers at $1.35M raised, $1.1M CoH

MN Campaign Report: DFL and MNGOP campaign information, political analysis, and a healthy dose of snarky wonkishness.

Great job, James!
Looks like Reps. Regula and Young are either retiring are heading towards the ignominious fate of Phil Crane.

Does anyone know how much Rep Robin Hayes and Larry Kissell raised?

Areas of concern are the numbers from GA-08 and KS-02. A tough GOP challenge = a presidential year + NRCC target + a state trending towards the GOP = a tough fight for Rep. Jim Marshall. I hope Boyda doesn't sit back, and wait for a Republican fratricide akin to the biennial one in KS-03 to save her seat.

NC Races
NC-11 D-inc Shuler no word yet
NC-08 R-inc Hayes has just under 176,000 on hand with $23,000 in debts
NC-08 D  Kissell has $468 on hand and still has $51495 in debts

"Keep the Faith"

NC-11 freshman Dem. Shuler raised over $220,000, with about $201,000 CoH.

And potential Senate candidate Brad Miller (NC-13 D) raised about $107,000, with just under $77,000 CoH.
Not the best showing by Miller, but the near $1.8 million he raised last race shows he can get it done if he needs to. 

[ Parent ]
its not
a great showing by Brad, that is for sure, but the reason it doesnt concern me is that it proves he wasnt lying when he said he didnt start thinking about running for Senate until just last week.

"Keep the Faith"

[ Parent ]
Here's some Nebraska numbers...
Esch (NE-02) and Kleeb (NE-03) didn't raise any money this quarter - I think they're both kind of in a holding pattern to see if they will run. I hope that they both do.

NE-01: Jeff Fortenberry; $121K raised, $118K COH.
NE-02: Lee Terry; $148K raised, $215K COH.
NE-03: Adrian Smith; $99K raised, $94K COH.

Numbers from 2006 challengers
NE-01: Maxine Moul; $8550 raised, $389 COH, $50K debt.
NE-02: Jim Esch; $1265 raised, $6852 COH, $112K debt.
NE-03: Scott Kleeb; -$50 raised, $64K COH.

[ Parent ]
Hagel's numbers...
$142K raised, $230K cash-on-hand.

Lee Terry (NE-02) outraised him this quarter, and he's been an oft-mentioned candidate for Senate should Hagel retire. If we're going to have to fight Terry again in Omaha, it's going to be a tough battle - but no money in the world can change his record. We will be ready.

[ Parent ]
Excellent Work
Off hand, it seems the weakest term Dem house incumbents are:

Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01)  Raised 107K;  COH 128K
Tim Walz  (MN-01)   Raised 187K;  COH 156K
Nancy Boyda  (KS-02)  Raised 137K;  COH 171K

Overall, these are very impressive numbers for freshmen house members. 

That's "first" term

[ Parent ]
What is with Udall only raising $1600? I know he has over 700k  COH, but it still seems wierd.

It's disappointing.
If he's itching to move up to a higher office, he sure isn't showing it.  NMFBIHop had a good analysis of the report in the diaries.

[ Parent ]
Schmidt only raised $20K, which is not so very much, and it turns out Wulsin is running again.

Just added Sestak's numbers.
And the Admiral sure raised a bundle.

And Dave Reichert...
All Darcy Burner needed to do was raise another $10K to match his CoH...

[ Parent ]
Steve King
Only has 21,000 on hand?  Boy, I guess he must not be wanting to face Harkin with that total.  Latham might be gearing up for a shot at Harkin though, but he could have a tougher then expected re-election to the House as well.

Went down the Texas House Incumbents
I found 2 incumbents with shockingly low returns and MAY be signaling retirements this year

Republican Ralph Hall - TX-4
$2,050 raised
$5,702 COH
$10,000 debts
re-elected 65-33

Democrat Soloman Ortiz - TX-27
$13,000 raised
$19,612 COH
$0 debts
re-elected 57-39

TX-4 has a PVI of R+17. The only "redder" district held by a democrat is Chet Edwards in TX-17. Invumbent Hall is 83 years old today.

TX-27 is R+1 but heavily hispanic. It was also re-redistricted in 2006 so Ortiz had to appeal to some new members in the district. Incumbent Ortiz is 69 years old today.

I don't see numbers for Ron Paul's Presidential account but his house coffers are very low for the time being ($3,190 raised, $145,232 COH, no debts). I would not be surprised if he dropped out as time went on. PVI is R+14. Paul is 71 years old today.

26, Male, Democrat, TX-26

Ron Paul
Paul's Presidential campaign announced a coffer of about $640,000 this weekend.  Certainly far behind the frontrunners, but a great start.

[ Parent ]
CA-04 Doolittle-Brown
Although Doolittle has cash on hand of $91,000, he also has debts of $172,490.  As the Sacramento Bee puts it, this leaves Brown "with a $203,000 cash advantage over Doolittle." 

Only 24k for DeFazio?
That's not promising.

Both Defazio
and Miller had rather small numbers.

But remember that neither was interested in running for Senate until April, and DeFazio is still saying he is inclined not to.

And, for DeFazio, he has said the big reason he doesnt want to run is that he doesnt like to raise money.

"Keep the Faith"

[ Parent ]
Pretty good numbers for Dems
Shea-Porter and Boyda's numbers are concerning.  Im less worried about Shea-Porter as she is in a district that leans Democratic and Boyda is in a fairly Republican one.  The DCCC will have to step in to bail them out if they don't get cracking.

the good news is
all the money raised by the other Freshman will make the DCCC job easier.

candidates that can defend themselves without outside help makes offense an easier game to play.

"Keep the Faith"

[ Parent ]
The thing missing is debt.  Vito Fossella (NY-13 by the way, not 11) may have $82k cash on hand but also has $173k in debt left over.  Although Harrison didn't get as close to him in the polls as we would have hoped, he at least completely drained his warchest and then some.  The NY-13 blog points out that he was over $100k in the black at this point in the last two cycles.  So while the fundraising numbers are good, you have to include their debt along with the CoH to get the full picture of their current state.

Just came in here to make the NY13 correction and note his debt.  Fossella is not only coming in with 46k less CoH than this time in 2005, but with 158k more debt also.

Veto Fossella

[ Parent ]
WV-02 a surprise
Republican incumbent Shelley Moore Capito (WV-02) had a lackluster quarter--hardly inspiring for a rumored Senate run against Rockefeller.

Q1 Raised: $35K, COH: $135K

She's seen no immediate payoff in her return to the House Committee on Financial Services. West Virginia Blue has the historical perspective as well as #'s for the Democratic Party incumbents rounding out the WV house delegation.

Capito was the number one recipient of Tom Delay funds. She's relied heavily on the K-Street and the Republican party machine. Can she develop an independent fund-raising base now? With the GOP party not so popular, they can only afford to protect but so many weak incumbents.

Lot harder from the minority
to raise funds, She will not have three million to staturation bomb the airwaves this cycle.

[ Parent ]
I've seen a lot of concern about Carol Shea-Porter's fundraising numbers, but I think we have to look at them in the context of Jeb Bradley's pathetic $7K.  Is he not even trying, or are donors not willing to waste their money?

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