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LA-GOV: John Georges's Poll

by: louisianagirl

Wed Apr 11, 2007 at 11:07 AM EDT

Crossposted at Daily Kingfish, a Louisiana politics blog by and for Louisiana Democrats

Even though the full results have been made available to the media, the Louisiana GOP refuses to read and to acknowledge a Verne Kennedy poll commissioned by John Georges, Republican candidate for Governor from Metairie.  The poll of 600 Louisianans conducted 29 March through 3 April yielded some interesting results.  According to the Shreveport Times,

When the poll concentrated only on Jindal, Breaux and Georges, the responses to the question about which candidate the respondent would chose if the election were today were 39 percent for Jindal, 30 percent for Breaux and 14 percent for Georges, with 17 percent uncertain.
louisianagirl :: LA-GOV: John Georges's Poll
And they continue,

In the trial heat between Jindal and Breaux, 49 percent chose Jindal and 36 percent Breaux, with 15 percent undecided.

Jindal and the Louisiana GOP thought Jindal would coast to the Governor's mansion in October.  Jindal has been campaigning throughout the state for months, including making appearances and offering "testimony" in Baptist churches, and the Louisiana GOP daily demonizes every candidate who has announced an intention to run, whether it be Walter Boasso (R-Arabi), John Breaux (D-Crowley) or John Georges, who Roger Villere, Chairman of the Louisiana GOP, calls an "opponent."  Given all this effort on behalf of Jindal by the Louisiana GOP, one would expect Jindal to be a prohibitive favorite, not a mere favorite, especially since Jindal has been behaving as if he is the heir apparent since Blanco announced her intention to not run for reelection.  49%, in other words, is a weak number for someone who is treated as an incumbent both by the media and by his political party.

The following should also serve as a source of aggravation for an already splenetic Louisiana GOP, especially as Breaux, Campbell, Boasso and Georges are yet to engage in full campaigning:

In a trial heat for governor, when voters were read a list of all possible candidates for governor, the preferences were 39 percent for Jindal, 23 percent for Breaux, 10 percent for Georges, 5 percent for Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, 4 percent for state Treasurer John Kennedy, 2 percent for Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell and 1 percent each for state Sen. Walter Boasso and former Attorney General Richard Ieyoub.

Perhaps 39 percent is the highest Jindal can earn with the present field of candidates in the jungle primary.  Yes, Mitch Landrieu, Richard Ieyoub and John Kennedy have not announced and will not announce, but I doubt supporters of John Kennedy and especially Mitch Landrieu and Richard Ieyoub will cast their votes for Jindal.  And I imagine Foster Campbell, Walter Boasso, John Georges and John Breaux will expand their bases once they launch their respective campaigns.  After all, Breaux has not officially announced, and John Georges, who hails fom Jinda's Congressional district, will, according to, which requires a subscription,

emphasize his similarities on economic and social issues with Republican frontrunner Congressman Bobby Jindal before drawing distinctions in background and ability. "In July, people will look at that and say, 'He's just like Bobby.' Then we will differentiate," he said.
For instance: "The difference between Bobby and me is I am a decision maker while he is a policy maker," he said. "Jindal suffers from the same problem Kathleen Blanco does. He waits to see which way the wind is blowing."

Boasso will chip away at Jindal's Republican base from the other end, the end of the reformer, the populist.  Here is Boasso's message:

"It's the same old people trying to control things," he said. "They put it out into the public that it was a big consensus. That's misleading.

"The days when these small groups of insiders determine our future has got to come to an end."

And Boasso and Georges, both millionaires, will have the money to communicate their respective messages.

Jindal will not have much room to manoeuvre once Boasso and Georges introduce themselves to the public.  Moreover, Foster Campbell (D-Bossier City), former state Senator and current Public Service Commissioner for north Louisiana, will mobilize northern Louisianans and others disenchanted with utility companies and oil interests.  And complicating this is the base Breaux already has despite the Louisiana GOPs coordinated smear campaign, which includes letters to the editors of The Shreveport Times and  The Ouchita Citizen, biased journalism by sympathetic reports, a website and a redundant television ad airing throughout the state of Louisiana. 

Piyush "Bobby" may have to accept the 39% of Verne Kennedy's poll, which probably explains why Roger Villere is now telling reporters he wants to abolish the jungle primary for state races.  If you cannot force everyone out of the field in the name of a Jindal victory, then I guess the only option left is to change the election process.  Why do Jindal and Villere have such contempt for Louisiana voters and for Louisiana election law?

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Any Idea
when Breaux may finally announce.  What is taking the AG so long to issue an opinion?  If Breaux does not run what are the odds on Mitch Landrieu running?  And, does he have the resources to make it a real race?

All said and done the poll numbers are good for Jindal but not stellar and there is definitely room for someone to get into a run off with him.

My guess is...
...the longer the AG waits, the more the opinion seems legitimate--as in, the less it appears that it's a kneejerk decision based on partisan loyalty.  I don't know LA politics that well, but I'm guessing that Breaux will get a favorable opinion from the AG.

[ Parent ]
is a cousin of the Landrieus.

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

[ Parent ]
and the definition of citizen
is so capacious that it Breaux qualifies.  the gop has tried to influence the decision, and they even asked lsu law professors to make ridiculous arguments about instate college tuition in order to invalidate a favorable opinion.  the lsu professor who claims a decision to allow Breaux to run would result in class action lawsuits involving tuition costs, when tuition is not discussed in the clause in question in the la constitution, is just ridiculous, especially as most college students will not own property in louisiana when applying for instate tuition fees.  the gop opened the floodgates last week, and it will only get worse.  but they are embarrassing themselves in the public, prompting john georges to admonish them in public.

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

[ Parent ]
So what are you saying?
That Foti is biased against Breaux because he wants his cousin Mitch to run?

[ Parent ]
for Mary Landrieu has already endorsed Breaux.

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

[ Parent ]
will decide on behalf of Breaux, as Breaux qualifies. 

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

[ Parent ]
I'm voting against Breaux because I can't stand him
If he makes the runoff with Jindall I'm voting for Jindall because Jindall would do a better job. For one, he had a 32 year legilsative career, nothing to do with an executive position right in the middle of the greatest crisis and crossroads Louisiana has ever faced. Second, tell me, what the hell did he do in a 32 career besides screw Democrats and Louisianans over, especially by voting for the republicans medicare plan that screwed over their constituents fooir big Pharmaceautical companies. He never chaired a committeee, and would just put more courrput old-line Democrats in charge of Louisinaa. That's not what we nee.d

Call no man happy until he is dead-Aeschylus

[ Parent ]
You need to consider the alternative.
And he has done an immense amount for our state.  For example, the Breaux Act earmarks millions of dollars for coastal restoration projects, many of which are either completed or in the process of completion, and these are funds we will receive every year.  Regarding Jindal, he has done nothing for our state, and he is in a legislative office at the moment.  Breaux, on the other hand, was not in office during Katrina or Rita.

But it is up to you if you want to vote against your interests.  Good luck with that.

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

[ Parent ]
millions is an insanely
small number when the recent estimate I read was that we needed up to thirteen billion dollars fora complete borard scale coastal resotration project, and knowing how estimates can be conservative, I'd put the project at 15 billion. And, byt the way, Jindall has spent a total of two years three months in the house so far, most freshman don't get that much done, and he's practically not even doing his duties as a congressman right now. Breaux spent thrity two years, that why it's attackable. Besidces, everyone knew, including the voters of his extremely Republican, that this was only a filler position to keep in the public eye, and in a fundraising.

Call no man happy until he is dead-Aeschylus

[ Parent ]
let me see, (and not getting personal)
He screws over america by pushing the Pharmaceautical companies healthcare bill, then he becomes a lobbysist for them making about a million dollars a year. Yee, you don't find that a tad bit unethical. He moves away from the state, declares residency in Maryland, and doesn't even care enough about the state to think he needed to run. He had to be forced into the race by Democrats, and even then he wouldn't run until Blanco dropped out and he had no competition.

Call no man happy until he is dead-Aeschylus

[ Parent ]
Did you visit
the new blog ryan created?  it is only a week old, and i am the only one submitting content, but i find it very exciting.

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

[ Parent ]
I did!
Looks good!  Keep it up. 

"If you build it, they will come" and all that.

[ Parent ]
Mitch Landrieu
has $500,000, and Foti will issue an opinion sometime this week.

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

[ Parent ]
Interview with Breaux
on legal decision and Governor's race can be read here.

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

will issue his opinion on Breaux's status tomorrow morning.

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

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