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AK-Sen: Don Young "Endorses" Stevens

by: James L.

Tue Oct 28, 2008 at 10:18 PM EDT

The Donald:

Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), who is also under investigation by federal officials, offered a whole-hearted, but odd endorsement of Stevens, equating his pursuit of justice with that of disgraced former President Richard Nixon.

"I can remember Richard Nixon, you know, his years of service, what he's done, and everybody [was] ridiculing him, and he ended up being the greatest president in the history of our century. ... The Senator will be re-elected. He will appeal it. When he does go, he will win it because there's no way this is a jury of his peers," Young told the Anchorage Daily News.

No further comment required.

James L. :: AK-Sen: Don Young "Endorses" Stevens
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Birds of a feather stick together...
Nixon the greatest president of the 20th century?  Above both Roosevelts?  Above Kennedy?  Above Eisenhower?  Above Truman?  Above...gasp!...Reagan?

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Representative Ethan Berkowitz thanks you.

Even refuses to endorse Stevens and Young.  Tat's how toxic they are.

Frankly I am going to miss Don's rantings
Does anyone else remember he may have been the only major GOPer predicting party gains in 2006?  His quotes over the years are the stuff of legends, and the one above may be the best because it is funny on so many levels.  

...Above Reagan? ZOMG.
I thought it was a rule that once you decided to become a Republican you were not given your registration card until you masturbated to a photo of Ronnie.

I'm mystified
At the fact that Representative Young is losing by a larger margin than Senator Stevens in recent polling.  How he thinks tying himself to Stevens can help either one of them is beyond me.  

"there's no way this is a jury of his peers."
OK, Don. So who would be a jury of his peers? 12 other crooked Senators and Congressmen?

ha ha

The jury can be made up of John McCain, Bill Jefferson, Duke Cunningham, Tom DeLay, Rick Renzi, Larry Craig, Heather Wilson, Pete Domenici, Mark Foley, John Dolittle, and Conrad Burns (of course, the jury foreman will be Don Young)

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Presided over by Judge Bill Sali
and with Prosecutor Robert Straniere (and second counsel Vito Fossella).

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Jury of peers
This always drives me nuts.  We have no right to a jury of our peers in the United States.  We have a constitutional right to an impartial jury.  I have no doubt Uncle Ted's jury met the standard of impartiality.

The whole idea of a jury of peers is British.  It relates to the nobility, that is, the peerage, and preserves the right for nobility not to be judged by commoners, but only other members of the nobility.  Since we don't have a nobility here, the concept is meaningless in America.

I think the reason this persists is that so many top mystery and crime novelists are British.  Therefore we're constantly seeing this concept in books and in movies and TV shows based on their works.  Still, you'd think our Civics classes would educate people about this.  :-)

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Obviously only white people can judge white people fairly.

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Not "white people"
more like "old white male corrupt Republican politicians".

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Richard Nixon Ted Stevens Don Young is not a crook!

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