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WA-08: Burner Leads in SUSA Poll

by: RandySF

Wed Oct 22, 2008 at 10:00 PM EDT

I'm too excited to type anything. Here it is!
RandySF :: WA-08: Burner Leads in SUSA Poll
I just saw that King 5 TV reported a new Survey USA poll, Darcy is up 50-46 over Reichert.  The ad which pointed out that he's ineffective really knocked him down, the first time his reputation has been damaged in any serious way.  Reichert's even set up a site, http://www.davereichertdeliver... to rebut the claims.

He has $725k of TV on the air right now just this week, in all likelihood thanks to an illegal corporate contribution from Republican media buying firm Media Plus.

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Website is a dead link
But I'll take your word for it.  Great news for Darcy.  I had almost given up on her.  She showed no movement in the polls for a long time.

Really? It worked for me.
Go to Open Left. It's the top headline.

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Looks like you copied the link wrong
Put your mouse over the link at open left and you can see it's not http://www.davereichertdeliver... it's actually http://www.davereichertforcong...

That's the reason it doesn't work.  

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Lets hope to god this holds
This is a seat that if we can get now we can hold for a long time.  

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That's for the heads up though
I'm feeling MUCH better about this race now.  The last SUSA poll had her down 10.  That's a big shift.

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This is the second or third poll showing this.  My estimate of the district generic split is about 53D/47R.  Reichart lost his crossover Democratic (-leaner) support to the bailout problem and is not going to get them back.  Congrats, Darcy- this was a tough one.

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