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DCCC, NRCC Spend $9 Million in 46 Districts

by: James L.

Wed Oct 15, 2008 at 1:07 AM EDT

The DCCC and NRCC filed a number of big expenditures tonight. All told, today was the biggest single day of expenditures by the DCCC so far this cycle. Here's the rundown:

District Incumbent Group Expenditure
AK-AL Young DCCC $81,890
AL-02 Open DCCC $128,581
AL-05 Open DCCC $82,358
AL-05 Open NRCC $1,450
AZ-01 Open DCCC $353,973
AZ-03 Shadegg DCCC $369,041
AZ-05 Mitchell DCCC $242,150
CA-11 McNerney DCCC $47,736
CO-04 Musgrave DCCC $370,391
CT-04 Shays DCCC $146,369
FL-21 L. Diaz-Balart NRCC $519,299
FL-24 Feeney DCCC $168,394
ID-01 Sali DCCC $17,659
IL-10 Kirk DCCC $57,304
IL-11 Open DCCC $46,856
IN-03 Souder DCCC $150,970
IN-09 Hill DCCC $275,260
KY-02 Open DCCC $192,776
LA-06 Cazayoux DCCC $162,437
LA-06 Cazayoux NRCC $28,758
MD-01 Open DCCC $238,392
MI-07 Walberg DCCC $329,233
MI-09 Knollenberg DCCC $182,124
MN-03 Open DCCC $267,891
MO-06 Graves DCCC $176,515
MO-06 Graves NRCC $109,700
MO-09 Open DCCC $121,093
MS-01 Childers DCCC $61,590
NC-08 Hayes DCCC $320,162
NE-02 Terry DCCC $138,737
NH-01 Shea-Porter DCCC $151,184
NJ-03 Open DCCC $110,307
NJ-07 Open DCCC $133,435
NJ-07 Open NRCC $19,385
NM-01 Open DCCC $252,125
NM-01 Open RCCNM $240,000
NM-02 Open DCCC $267,351
NV-03 Porter DCCC $242,200
NY-26 Open DCCC $291,142
NY-29 Kuhl DCCC $159,569
OH-01 Chabot DCCC $247,464
OH-15 Open DCCC $201,404
OH-15 Open NRCC $11,426
OH-16 Open DCCC $237,567
PA-03 English DCCC $171,443
PA-10 Carney DCCC $176,039
PA-11 Kanjorski DCCC $166,344
TX-23 Rodriguez DCCC $99,879
VA-02 Drake DCCC $169,316
VA-11 Open DCCC $80,318
WA-08 Reichert DCCC $288,802
WA-08 Reichert NRCC $35,607
WI-08 Kagen DCCC $93,378
WI-08 Kagen NRCC $20,481
Total Blue $8,269,151
Total Red $986,106

*RCCNM = Republican Campaign Committee of New Mexico

Tonight marks the first time that the DCCC has spent in IN-03, NE-02 and NY-29. For the NRCC, this is their first big expenditure against Democrat Raul Martinez in FL-21. (No word yet on any DCCC response.) Not included in this rundown is Freedom's Crotch, who are spending $220K against Martin Heinrich in New Mexico's 1st District.

For more details on these and other expenditures, please consult SSP's Independent Expenditure Tracker.

James L. :: DCCC, NRCC Spend $9 Million in 46 Districts
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In the IET, FL-21 R-Total is off. I was just scrolling through.

Thanks dude
It's fixed now.

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The Scranton broadcast stations
must be having their best year ever. Two competitive Congressional races AND a Presidential race at the same time.

RCCNM is $240,000
and it will be some of the nastiest ads you'll ever see.

New Mexico politics from the local perspective.

Do they look effective?
And is the DCCC doing a good job of slamming White? Is now a good time to send some $$$$ to Heinrich?

Yes, Virginia, there ARE progressives in Nevada!
24, gay male, Democrat, NV-03 (or 04?)

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Haven't started yet
Well, they've started today, I'd think, but I have yet to switch on my TV.  It would be a great time to pitch in some money to the Heinrich campaign. A month ago would have been best, but it's better late than never.

I'd use this ActBlue page to pitch in a few bucks.

Remember, in New Mexico it is way cheaper than other states to air ads, so every little bit will help tremendously.

New Mexico politics from the local perspective.

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looks like the RCCC
just dropped off a briefcase full of cash on lincoln diaz-balart's doorstep... solidarity money for fellow corrupt hacks... hopefully we'll see d-trip raise them...

It is difficult to get the news from poems, but men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there. --William Carlos Williams

Glad to see the DCCC expanding the map.

It'd be nice to see them spend at least a small bit in every Red to Blue race, just to freak the Republicans out.

So where else...
Is Freedom's Crotch doing the nasty? Any more reports? Besides Heinrich in NM-01, which other Dems should we help?

Yes, Virginia, there ARE progressives in Nevada!
24, gay male, Democrat, NV-03 (or 04?)

Freedonm's Crotch
is running a lot of ads in NC against Kay Hagan. NC-Sen.

I also saw an attack ad last night against Larry Kissell (NC-8), running on WTVD-11, the ABC affiliate in Raleigh/Durham.  I did not catch who was paying for it, but it was the first attack ad I have seen against Kissell.  Somebody must be worried about Robin Hayes...


[ Parent ]
i'm VERY worried
that we're gonna lose the NC senate race because we just dont have the money to fight back there....

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MN-03 Paulson Reported

3Q = $521K
CTD = $2,240
COH = $1,101

(Btw, James, I'm sure you're on top of all this, I'm just posting some numbers I think people would be most interested in seeing.)

Madia way outraised him and has almost caught up in CTD.

[ Parent ]
Paulsen raised more than that -- those numbers are post-primary, not total 3Q. The total 3Q haul for Paulsen is around 800K I think, meaning that Madia still outraised him, but not quite by the same margin.

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