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KY-Sen: Race Tightens in McConnell's Own Poll

by: James L.

Thu Oct 09, 2008 at 6:36 PM EDT

Voter/Consumer Research for Mitch McConnell (10/5-8, likely voters, 9/7-9 in parens):

Bruce Lunsford (D): 38 (35)
Mitch McConnell (R-inc): 47 (52)
(MoE: ±3.6%)

The biggest take-away here is simple: Mitch is below 50% in his own polling for the first time. Other polling in recent weeks, from both Mason-Dixon and SurveyUSA have shown a dead heat, while Rasmussen is a bit closer to McConnell's numbers.

Lunsford's favorable/unfavorable spread is 31-40, which is not great for us, but this might be the kind of year where voters are a bit more willing to accept his flaws in order to push change in a time of crisis.

SSP currently rates this race as Lean Republican.

UPDATE: Har-har.

James L. :: KY-Sen: Race Tightens in McConnell's Own Poll
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I'm surpised they bothered to release this
Instead of continuing to tout Rasmussen's numbers. Odd.

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Update with the video
Is hilarious haha.

21, Male, Gay, Dem, Born: AR-04 ;  Current Residence: FL-02

That commercial is hilarious.
I couldn't even tell it was supposed to be an attack ad till the end. Best part was the hippie museum.

Didn't they try something way back when
when they were trying to carpetbomb Hillary?

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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Most voters probably have little if any knowledge of who Schumer is.  And that ad didn't even mention Lunsford.  I'm confused as what the point of this ad is.  Complete waste of what little resources the repubs have.

A great response ad could be made by using pieces of the Schumer ad and simply saying "Isn't it about time McConnell started giving a damn about Kentucky?" or, you know, insert something about economy/jobs/anything really.

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I can't believe this annoys me to hell...but makes me happy he would even consider endorsing this garbage. I mean having the announcer with a New York accent can't possibly would have been more effective with someone speaking that was from Kentucky! But overall, this is good news the end of Mitch McConnell!!! Then in 2010 we will have 2 democratic senators from Kentucky ousting Bunning.

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Totally agreed
I don't see how hard it would have been (in a minute-long ad!) to say "If we send him to Washington, Bruce Lunsford will vote for the same liberal agenda as Chuck Schumer."  That's about five seconds and actually suggests (though still not that effectively) that anything Schumer thinks is relevant.

This ad really is amazing.  I always thought of McConnell as the Rove/Atwater of Kentucky politics, but maybe he's lost a step.

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Me too
But watching McConnell's pathetic attempt to push out Gov. Fletcher for Anne Northup blow up in his face made me lose a lot of respect for his political skills and pull in KY.  Seriously, how hard is it push out someone as incredibly corrupt as Fletcher?  

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The JEWS and/or THE MOB from NEW YORK
are trying to take your Senator!!!!!


A poster on the youtube video nailed it
Hey Mitch, maybe its time to stop worrying about a Senator from New York and start worrying about jobs in Kentucky.

They disabled comments
Maybe they'll even disable ratings soon; ratings are about 2.5 stars or so right now.

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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