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House and Senate Committees Post August Numbers

by: James L.

Sat Sep 20, 2008 at 5:32 PM EDT

Committee August Receipts Disbursements Cash-on-Hand
DSCC (est.) $4,360,000 $13,690,000 $33,670,000
NRSC (est.) $5,200,000 $3,800,000 $26,800,000
DCCC $5,102,876 $7,592,093 $53,967,368
NRCC $3,444,446 $3,289,592 $14,387,928
Total Democrats $9,462,876 $21,282,093 $87,637,368
Total Republicans $8,644,446 $7,089,592 $41,187,928

Both the Democratic House and Senate committees have been spending furiously. The NRSC continues to rally, but they've basically ceded a two-month head start to the DSCC in some races.

James L. :: House and Senate Committees Post August Numbers
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Time for some big transfers
That means you Chuck, and you Evan, and you John. And a lot of other ones of you.  

I wholeheartedly agree.  Does anyone know if an "Use It, or Lose It" campaign is in the works for Senate this year?  I know it was met with some results in 06 in the House.  Isn't Bayh sitting on some ungodly amount?  Anyone know of a chart that has how much each Senator has in their account?

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Chuck as in Chuck Schumer? Are you implying that Schumer isn't doing his share to win a Democratic Senate?  I can't imagine anyone would think that, so I am sure I am confused.

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He's doing his share
but he's got 10 million in the bank. He doesn't need that.

This is a all out fight. We need every penny. Chuck Schumer will never face a serious election for the rest of his life.

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My only reservation of your charges would be...
What if he's waiting till the last minute?  What if he's waiting till after the last report before the election to transfer 10 million dollars the the DSCC for the final spending to throw who he can over the top?  If he is, then your points are moot, and he's merely waiting as a key to strategy.  But if that isn't the case, then I'm with you on it.  

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Schumer is the primary reason Democrats have a majority and is probably doing more than the rest of the other 50 Dems combined to expand it.  Given the success he's had, I am sure he has a huge target on his back and the GOP would like nothing more than to find a self-funder to make Schumer's life miserable in 2010. If he thinks he needs $10M or even $20M in his campaign account, then I am not inclined to give him a hard time.

I definitely think that there are plenty of Senate Dems who need to cough up some of their funds down the stretch, but Schumer is untouchable in regards to his commitment to a Democratic majority.

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I could understand him keeping something like 5 million in the bank for his re-election
then he has no future fundraising obligations.  Who likes fundraising?  Even if Republicans find a big self-funder, there is nobody willing to put enough money into a senate race in New York just to beat Schumer.  It would cost a lot.  

My only contention would be Jon Tester has worked very hard.  He's done fundraisers, e-mails, etc. for so many of our top + 2nd tier races.  

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Fair enough, we just disagree
Just defensive of DSCC because it seems like they have single-handedly put usin a very good position to pick up OR and NC, when other regimes might have written off one or both of those seats after "name" candidates took a pass.  Not to mention big time recruits in AK, NH, VA, NM that are favored at this point and strong recruitments in KY, OK, ME, and others to harass GOP incumbents who might be GOP locks otherwise.

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Chuck should donate
at least a couple million.  And that is NOT implying he isn't doing his share.  He simply will never face a serious challenge, regardless of who runs against him.  He won by 70% in 2004, Senator for life in one of the bluest states in the country.  Cough it up.

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Oh c'mon
there is no way in hell that Chuck Schumer is going to ever lose his Senate seat. He'd have to TRY hard to lose it. He beat one of the only popular Republicans left in the state after beating two very strong Democrats in a primary originally. Chuck is not going anywhere. And if someone like Bloomberg put 50 million into the race and got the Republican nomination somehow he could easily raise that money in a few weeks. He's our most talented fundraiser by far. He doesn't have anything to worry about.

I'm not questioning his commitment, I'm saying even he can do more.

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Waiting until the last minute also help him raise more money. If you knew Chuck was giving $5 million to other democrats, would you give more money to him? He obviously doesn't need it. Raise as much as you can now, then wait till it is too late to report.  

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You beat me to it
great news.

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That'll teach Cook to shift NC to Lean Republican on a Presidential level

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I would consider it lean republican
This poll notwithstanding.  PPP usually has a bit of a dem bias.  

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I know, I was just kidding around :-D

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