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AL-02: Another Poll Shows Bright Leading by 10

by: James L.

Wed Aug 13, 2008 at 12:38 PM EDT

Capital Survey Research Center (8/6-7,11, likely voters):

Bobby Bright (D): 47
Jay Love (R): 37
(MoE: ±4.4%)

More great numbers for Bright, and they confirm the spread of a recent Anzalone-Liszt internal (conducted just days before this poll) which had Bright leading Love by 50-40.

Love has countered with his own internal poll showing him leading Bright by 41-39. Those numbers may very well have been accurate snapshot of the race, but Love's poll was conducted in the immediate afterglow of his run-off victory against Harri Ann Smith, and before Bright's Montgomery and Dothan ad buys had sunken in.

An excerpt from the polling memo is available below the fold.

James L. :: AL-02: Another Poll Shows Bright Leading by 10
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Go Bright
This is just what I like seeing out of good candidates who deserve to win.

Waffle House celebrated its 50th anniversary and my steak celebrated its 25th-Larry the Cable Guy

is this independent polling or on behalf of Bright/Dems?

But the CSRC polls for the AEA, which is a staunch Dem ally.

They have a reputation for accuracy, though.

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Bright used Anzalone-Liszt recently, so I would assume this is an independant group.
SSP is usually good at tagging polls as internals if they are.  

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I'd like to see
the cross tabs for self identification. Either way this is excellent news.  

Despite their echoing Anzalone-Liszt, I'm taking this with an extra grain of salt without the details.

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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I can imagine that he has quite a few Republicans ("Bright Republicans) supporting him, thanks to his campaign reaching out to be bipartisan

Male 21 Dem Ca's 1st  

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great news. Bright is on a roll
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