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Nov. 7, 2006 Poll Closing Times & Key Races

by: DavidNYC

Fri Nov 03, 2006 at 1:00 AM EST

(Bumped - promoted by DavidNYC)

For 2008 poll closing times with map & key races, click here.

Now with color-coded map! A little rough-hewn, but you get the idea (I love David, but I'm afraid we'll have to keep him away from the crayolas from now on. Here's a somewhat better-looking map--James L.):

Note: States with two poll closing times are color-coded according to the earlier closing time, except for Oregon, where the majority of the state is in the later time zone. And if you can't see the map, click here for a mirror link. And just to be clear, these times are all Eastern, NOT local. Also, it looks like voters in some precincts of Indiana will be able to vote until 9pm local.

Below is a list of poll closing times in every state in the nation, plus a selection of key House, Senate and gubernatorial races in 44 of them:

State EST Race(s) to Watch
Indiana (Eastern) 6:00pm IN-02, IN-03, IN-07, IN-08, IN-09
Kentucky (Eastern) 6:00pm KY-02, KY-03, KY-04
Florida (Peninsula) 7:00pm FL-09, FL-13, FL-16, FL-22, FL-24, FL-Gov
Georgia 7:00pm GA-08, GA-12
Indiana (Western) 7:00pm IN-02, IN-03, IN-07, IN-08, IN-09
Kentucky (Western) 7:00pm KY-02, KY-03, KY-04
New Hampshire (Townships) 7:00pm NH-01, NH-02
South Carolina 7:00pm SC-05, SC-Gov
Vermont 7:00pm VT-AL
Virginia 7:00pm VA-02, VA-10, VA-Sen
North Carolina (Standard) 7:30pm NC-08, NC-11, NC-13
Ohio 7:30pm OH-01, OH-02, OH-12, OH-15, OH-18, OH-Gov, OH-Sen
West Virginia 7:30pm WV-01, WV-02
Alabama 8:00pm AL-Gov
Connecticut 8:00pm CT-02, CT-04, CT-05, CT-Sen
Delaware 8:00pm
Florida (Panhandle) 8:00pm FL-09, FL-13, FL-16, FL-22, FL-24, FL-Gov
Illinois 8:00pm IL-06, IL-08, IL-10, IL-Gov
Kansas 8:00pm KS-02
Maine 8:00pm ME-Gov
Maryland 8:00pm MD-Gov, MD-Sen
Massachusetts 8:00pm MA-Gov
Michigan (Most of state) 8:00pm MI-Gov, MI-Sen
Mississippi 8:00pm
Missouri 8:00pm MO-Sen
New Hampshire (Cities) 8:00pm NH-01, NH-02
New Jersey 8:00pm NJ-05, NJ-07, NJ-Sen
Oklahoma 8:00pm
Pennsylvania 8:00pm PA-04, PA-06, PA-07, PA-08, PA-10, PA-Gov, PA-Sen
South Dakota (Eastern) 8:00pm SD-Gov
Tennessee 8:00pm TN-Sen
Texas (Eastern) 8:00pm TX-14, TX-17, TX-23, TX-32, TX-Gov
Arkansas 8:30pm AR-Gov
North Carolina (Optional) 8:30pm NC-08, NC-11, NC-13
Arizona 9:00pm AZ-01, AZ-05, AZ-08, AZ-Sen
Colorado 9:00pm CO-04, CO-05, CO-07, CO-Gov
Louisiana 9:00pm LA-02, LA-03
Michigan (Western U.P.) 9:00pm MI-Gov, MI-Sen
Minnesota 9:00pm MN-01, MN-02, MN-06, MN-Gov, MN-Sen
Nebraska 9:00pm NE-01, NE-03
New Mexico 9:00pm NM-01
New York 9:00pm NY-03, NY-13, NY-19, NY-20, NY-24, NY-25, NY-26, NY-29, NY-Gov
Rhode Island 9:00pm RI-Gov, RI-Sen
South Dakota (Western) 9:00pm SD-Gov
Texas (Western) 9:00pm TX-14, TX-17, TX-21, TX-23, TX-32, TX-Gov
Wisconsin 9:00pm WI-08, WI-Gov
Wyoming 9:00pm WY-AL
Idaho (Southern) 10:00pm ID-01, ID-Gov
Iowa 10:00pm IA-01 , IA-02, IA-04, IA-Gov
Montana 10:00pm MT-Sen
Nevada 10:00pm NV-02, NV-03, NV-Gov, NV-Sen
North Dakota (Eastern) 10:00pm
Oregon (Western) 10:00pm OR-Gov
Utah 10:00pm
California 11:00pm CA-04, CA-11, CA-50, CA-Gov
Hawaii 11:00pm
Idaho (Panhandle) 11:00pm ID-01, ID-Gov
North Dakota (Western) 11:00pm
Oregon (Eastern) 11:00pm OR-Gov
Washington 11:00pm WA-05, WA-08, WA-Sen
Alaska (Mainland) 12:00am AK-Gov
Alaska (Western Aleutians) 1:00am AK-Gov

All times are Eastern. Please note that some states are split across two time zones and consequently have two different poll closing times. I've split the affected states up accordingly, which is why there are more than 50 listings.

Also, we haven't tried to list every single possible race here, just those that we (James & I) feel are potentially interesting. As I say, we've confined ourselves just to Congress and the statehouses. Here are some other resources you might want to consult:

• For important Secretary of State races, check out the Secretary of State Project.

• To get a sense of which state legislatures are up for grabs, take a look at this chart from the DLCC (PDF).

• And for a complete list of ballot measures nationwide, this guide from the I & R Institute (PDF) is the definitive source.

If there are any worthy races you're following that aren't on this list, please post them in comments, preferably with a link to a site that will be posting the results. (You usually can't find returns for smaller local races on CNN.) Also, if you notice any errors, please let us know as well.

(Special thanks to the Green Papers, which was the source for all the poll closing times.)

DavidNYC :: Nov. 7, 2006 Poll Closing Times & Key Races
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Wow, Thnx!
Can see you guys have been busy. I've started checking for direct links for obtaining results (Boards-News services) and will concentrate on a few key states such as Virginia, New York or New Jersey and of course at the end of the road California. I'll post at some point as I'm wading through:
13 Statewide Propositions, 11 City Propositions, 10 or so Judicial races, a pprox. 20 Statewide/Local races. Lots to decide & lots to track.

(-8.50/-7.44) "Real Democrats don't make promises they can't keep." Dr. Howard Dean

no love for TX-21?
John Courage will be sad, being a netroots candidate and all in one of the potential weird races that can go to runoff. In Texas at least, it's more interesting than TX-23 in terms of runoff potential.

Fair point
I'll add it.

[ Parent ]
much appreciated
Courage got an infusion of $20k from Kerry (he skipped the e-mail and went with direct funds instead) and actually bought up some cheap tv slots that opened up at the last minute today. The new "enabler" ad is going to run during the UT football matchup tomorrow.

[ Parent ]
NH-02 poll times
Just a note on NH-02 poll times. As you note above, only a couple metro areas in NH stay open to 8pm -- most others close at 7pm. Even Keene, technically a city, closes at 7.

This means we may have some of the earliest indications up here, and maybe one of the earliest overall results.

Citing the early closing times, we've been referred to by some as the canary in the coal mine for the national elections.

I don't particularly LIKE that analogy, but we will win, so I guess it's fine.

No offense, but...
wouldn't Indiana and Kentucky be the canary? Northrup and Chocola's races especially. Of course, if you don't like the coal mine analogy, I'll bet Kentucky Democrats would feel doubly so. These two states should be an indicator of how bad things will get for the GOP in the states where they are in shambles (IN, KY, OH, NY, CO, DE, CT). New Hampshire, however, might be an indicator of how we do in races without a statewide narrative, especially against the likes of Heather Wilson, Richard Pombo, Reichert, Gutknecht, etc.

Delaware Liberal - biggest and best blog in Delaware.

[ Parent ]
Updated race-by-race analysis
Shows a Democratic wave is coming... House and Senate analysis with House races organized by poll closing time.  Check it out!


Nice Work "politicalcheatsheet"
in fact we're pretty close on predictions. At this point I'm forecasting 6-7 pickup in the Senate (AZ being the wildcard) and 37 House seats. ( I think CA-11,VA-02 & VA-10 are still possible for example). If the wave is big enough....

(-8.50/-7.44) "Real Democrats don't make promises they can't keep." Dr. Howard Dean

[ Parent ]
and i agree that CA-11, VA-2 and VA-10 are all still possibilities... I would watch out for NC8 too...

[ Parent ]
I hear that on NC-08
I'll be posting my forecast as a diary by Tues am. Cheers!

(-8.50/-7.44) "Real Democrats don't make promises they can't keep." Dr. Howard Dean

[ Parent ]
Good work, everyone
I have my fingers crossed for CA-11, especially.

[ Parent ]
National Journal Rankings
were updated today.  I found the intro noteworthy:

"We're not comfortable giving a range anymore. We believe it's an either/or situation. Either the Democrats narrowly win the House with 16 to 18 seats or they win a 30 to 35-plus landslide. We can't picture them winning 25 seats, because if they take Nos. 24 and 25 on our list, they should also take the next five to 10 below that."

[ Parent ]
Thank you David!
This info is great. GO BLUE!

Delaware Liberal - biggest and best blog in Delaware.

very useful
Thanks much - just this very morning I was wishing I had such a list.

Half the population believes our electoral system is broken. The other half believes it is fixed.  

Once again, Michigan Congressional races get ignored...
If you want to see a true bellwether -- Congressional races where the Democrats are running shoestring, grass-roots, volunteer-driven, under-the-DCCC/DNC-radar campaigns against entrenched Republican incumbents -- look at Michigan.

Specifically the 11th, 9th and 8th Districts. When the first results come in showing Tony Trupiano, Nancy Skinner and Jim Marcinkowski running ahead of or in a dead heat with their opponents, that will speak volumes about races in the rest of the country.

Here's what they say...
If we win any one of them, we pick up 70 seats nationwide.

[ Parent ]
KY and IN
Several districts in KY and IN that you put at 6:00 are actually divided between time zones, so all polls do not close until 7:00.  This includes KY-02, IN-02, and IN-08. 

The complete 6:00 closings are KY-03, KY-04, IN-03, IN-07 and  IN-09.  This is where the excitement should begin. 

Looks like Northrup and Sodrel are the canaries then. n/t

Delaware Liberal - biggest and best blog in Delaware.

[ Parent ]
Thread suggestion
How about a thread to allow reports about turnout and campaign events occurring locally that we can share with one another?  I wanted to post the fact that Wisconsin is reporting very heavy early absentee balloting suggesting a turnout over 50% which for a mid-term is impressive.  Word is out that the youth vote is seeing an upswing and that will aid the Democrats and maybe, just maybe, allow us to defeat the da*n Marriage Amendment here in Wisconsin.  But minus implication spin the turnout appears heavy here in Wisconsin and I am an election day poll worker.

"My name's Dr. Multimillionaire and I kicked your ass." -- Rep. Steve Kagen D-WI to Karl Rove

AK-AL - Please add
Please add AK-AL to your list.  This one is worth watching.  Two recent polls had the race between Diane Benson and Don Young within 10 points.  This race is as close or closer than some of the others listed including NV-SEN.  Thank you.

Seriously??? n/t

Delaware Liberal - biggest and best blog in Delaware.

[ Parent ]
Voting Troubles Here (AGAIN!!) -- Vote Democrat Up and Down the Ticket!!
So, I went early this morning to cast my ballot in the heavily Democratic Old Northside of Indianapolis, and I see a bunch of people sort-of just standing around looking confused.  The new touch-screen voting machines were not working properly.  The did give us the old paper/scantron-style ballots to vote with, so no one should have been turned away -- but this is like that who knows  how many elections in a row something like this has gone wrong here. 

This shows why it is REALLY importnant to vote for good Democrats up and down the ballot.  Here we have a beyond incompetent Republican County Clerk named Doris Ann Sadler, who has screwed up and had to make excuses for almost every election run under her.  This time, she said "the poll workers forgot how to turn on the new machines."  Geez, ya think that's something you might want to have double-checked on before this morning!?!?

DC Votes Today Too
Maybe we're not a swing state, but we still vote.  Our polls close at 8:00PM.

Closing Times Misleading
Better put a huge caveat at the top of the map that times are Eastern.  Your comment is buried below the table.  Not good enough.  Though the intent is for tracking results, folks may take it as a guide to how late they can vote, local time.  Could be seen as another Rovian obfuscation.

Definitely wasn't meant to be Rovian...
Just a bad SNAFU on my part--we had a sticker on the original map indicating that all times were Eastern, but I accidentally deleted it.  I updated it accordingly.  I think most people understood it, but it there should be no confusion now...

[ Parent ]
This is wrong
Illinois polls close at 7pm local time. You should update the map to use the time as local to the area, otherwise it's misleading.

Please move the "ALL TIMES ARE EASTERN" warning to the top of the post. It should be more visible, in case people happen across this page looking for the local closing time of their polling places.

Expanded table for EST,CST, MST, PST
This is great - for what it's worth, I expanded the table so there were columns in the four time zones for the lower 48 states.  (I had to remove the important races column cause it wouldn't fit).  Feel free to copy it back here if it helps.

According to our state's website,

The polls in Az close at 7pm, not 9pm.

Didn't catch the 'EST' time reference, disregard post!!

[ Parent ]
Hmmm, aint that nice that VA and FL close @ 7pm n/t

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