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CA-46: Rohrabacher Takes a Page From Sweeney's Playbook

by: James L.

Tue May 27, 2008 at 4:31 PM EDT

You all remember ex-Rep. John Sweeney (R-Animal House), right?  Here's a memento from his 2006 campaign against now-Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand:

"You can't take a resume and a pretty face from New York City and say to people this is good for you simply because we can spend a lot of money and raise a lot of money," Sweeney told the Record of Troy. (Emphasis added.)

Now, here's Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's assessment of his challenger, Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook:

"She's a very attractive person, physically, and has a title, so I'm taking it seriously," he said. "But I'm also very confident. ... My beliefs are closer to what the beliefs of this constituency are all about." (Emphasis added.)

Following this playbook didn't exactly work out for the original Sweeney Blutarsky.

James L. :: CA-46: Rohrabacher Takes a Page From Sweeney's Playbook
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This could be a sleeper race
Especially since Rohrabacher has always impressed me as a walking blooper waiting to be bleeped.  Let's hope she can raise some $$, as this won't be cheap.

Good news, bad news
Rohrabacher is not raising money.  He entered the second quarter with an anemic $331 K and half way through it, he's actually down a bit to $323 K.  He's and R+6 but remember, the average for an incumbent Republican House member (R+6 through D+7) is $819 K cash on hand.  

Otoh, Debbie Cook has just $21 K in the bank.  It wouldn't take much to make this district competitive overnight.

This is a race
where we need to get involved. Cook is a progressive but she can also win.

He only has $323K on hand. If MoveOn sent out a appeal we would be tied in the cash race. Dana Rohrabacher is a terrible campaigner. We could very well win this.

I read this in the Press Telegram today, the local LB newspaper. Made me laugh, I thought, isn't that a little belittling? lol Well, he is a Republican. Next he'll be slapping her on the ass and calling her a pretty lady. lol This is the campaign that I'm hoping to get an internship, that is if I can get all my papers together to apply for it. If I do, expect plenty of fundraising drives from me. I do not believe Rohrabacer is at all popular, he just represents what is a fairly safe, republican district, but I think that Mayor Cook can stand a decent chance should she get proper funding.

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