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NY-13: DCCC Approaches Mike Cusick

by: RandySF

Thu May 08, 2008 at 3:04 PM EDT

I'll be up front when I say that I don't know much about NYC-area politicos beyond Mayor and Congress, but the NY Daily News is reporting that the DCCC is recruiting Assemblyman Mike Cusick to run for what is likely to be an open NY-13 seat.
RandySF :: NY-13: DCCC Approaches Mike Cusick
Crain's reported this morning that the DCCC has been calling Assemblyman Mike Cusick in hopes of coaxing him into the race. Certain Senate Democrats, meanwhile, are floating Sen. Diane Savino's name.

Here is what little I could find about Cusick.

Cusick is the son of late New York State Supreme Court Justice Peter P. Cusick and Miriam Cusick and has been a lifelong resident of Staten Island (he currently lives in Silver Lake, Staten Island). He has two brothers.

Shortly after graduating from Villanova University in 1991, Cusick began his career as a Special Assistant to former President of the City Council Andrew J. Stein. He served as the office representative for the Borough of Staten Island and worked on issues regarding incineration and waste management alternatives.

Prior to his 2002 election, Cusick served as the Chief of Staff to former Staten Island Assemblyman Eric N. Vitaliano, managing staff and overseeing the assemblyman's Albany and Staten Island offices. He was instrumental in researching and developing statewide legislation, including the law to close the Fresh Kills Landfill. Cusick was also Vitaliano's representative to local and statewide civic, professional, and union organizations on legislative and community issues.

Cusick then served as Director of Constituent Services for U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer. His duties included serving as Senator Schumer's liaison to New York State elected officials, as well as various federal agencies. In addition, he managed the day-to-day operation of the senator's New York City office.

Well, based on his background, I don't think raising money would be a problem for him. What does everyone think?

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Cusick's old boss Eric Vitaliano ran for this seat against Fossella when it was open after Molinari's resignation.

So with that and his experience with Schumer, he seems to have some connections that make it appear he'd be interested in Congress.

He sounds like our best horse.

Nice to hear the DCCC is actively pursuing a strong
contention to this seat.  The clock is on for Vito's retirement announcement.  

If it's a special
Let's hope the party picks Cusick. He is from the right place. Can raise money quick and can win.

It better not be Diane Savino. We need every Senate seat we can get!

is unforunately perfect for this seat...too bad she's needed in the Senate. I'd love to see her in Congress.  

Liberty Avenue Politics - a place for politics in Southern Queens

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does she represent a more culturally conservative, normally Republican seat that Democrats need to form a majority in the state senate?

Call no man happy until he is dead-Aeschylus

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to an extent...her seat wouldn't be difficult to defend, but it would cost money. The Democrats don't want to have to defend any State Senate seats when they're two seats from a majority.  

Liberty Avenue Politics - a place for politics in Southern Queens

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