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MS-01: The Latest Expenditures

by: James L.

Wed May 07, 2008 at 2:55 AM EDT

The NRCC posted another $44K in expenditures tonight on the race to replace Roger Wicker in Mississippi.  The filing includes: $27,000 on direct mail, $4400 on yet another poll, $12,000 on media production, and under $1000 on phone banks. The new expenditures bring the NRCC's total tab in this R+10 district to $1,031,442.

The DCCC posted $34,000 of their own expenditures here, including $17,000 on direct mail, $12,000 on media production, and $5500 on field organizing and phonebanking.  The DCCC has now spent $1,423,302 on this race.

If you'd like to help Democrat Travis Childers hustle out the vote here next week, you know what to do.

Special election: 5/13.

James L. :: MS-01: The Latest Expenditures
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Fruit of the investment
I know I've been promising this for days (here and elsewhere), but I've got the first of two DCCC-Childers TV ads uploaded and posted over at The Thorn Papers.

I'll have another one shortly, and in my opinion, that one is the more effective of the two, though both serve their purposes.

The Thorn Papers
Y'all come by now.

$1.03 million is what, 15% of the NRCC's total cash on hand. Or close to it. Sweet.  

Maybe more
The last numbers I can find for the NRCC's CoH was $7.4 million as of the end of March. Their MS-01 expenditures are indeed close to 15% of that total.

But. We all know they're having trouble raising money, and after the money sunk in to LA-06, I'd imagine they're even lower.

The Thorn Papers
Y'all come by now.

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...they're hurting all right. There was an interesting story on just that dynamic in The Hill today.  

The Thorn Papers
Y'all come by now.

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Isn't this an extremely cheap market?
I'd think this part of MS would be extremely cheap to advertise in.  Could this race be the most expensive race every on a per voter basis?

If you estimate high turnout of 100,000 voters the DCCC+NRCC alone have spent $25/per voter already. And that number doesn't even include the candidates expenditures.

Because of Memphis
I believe a majority (or close to it) is in the Memphis media market, which would be much more expensive than Tupelo (the other market).

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Daschle vs. Thune
Lest we forget, the South Dakota Senate race of 2004 gobbled up $37 million ($21 million for Daschle who lost and $16 million for Thune).  Although the prize was a bit higher the size of the electorate is pretty much identical to a standard sized House district.  Makes MS-1 or even CT-4 from 2006 seem like chicken feed.  (South Dakota also had the most expensive House race that cycle with the then Stephanie Herseth winning both the special in a nail biter and the general election).

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Wonder what Herseth-Sandlin's plans are...
I had heard rumors of her shallenging Thune in 2010, but that wouldn't make much sense.  Thune is pretty popular and it would be an uphill battle.  Lately I've been hearing that she is planning a run for Governor in 2010 which will be an open race.  She'd probably have a good shot there.

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