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IN-Gov, IN-07: Results Thread

by: James L.

Tue May 06, 2008 at 6:04 PM EDT

IN-Gov (D):

5214 of 5230 Precincts Reporting
Candidate Percent
Jim Schellinger 49.8
Jill Long Thompson 50.2

IN-07 (D):

442 of 445 Precincts Reporting
Candidate Votes Percent
Andre Carson 62,815
Woody Myers 32,463
David Orentlicher 28,328
Carolene Mays 10,419

RESULTS: Indianapolis Star | Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette

1:18PM: With only 26 precincts to go, JLT has pulled ahead by 50.2-48.8... a stunning evening.
12:42PM: And we're tied at 50-50...
12:25PM: Holy smokes -- I can't believe I overlooked this. In Indiana's 5th District, incumbent GOPer Dan Burton nearly LOST to challenger John McGoff. Burton won 45,378 votes to McGoff's 39,305. 2729 votes went to another challenger, Clayton Alfred.
11:54PM: JLT is winning the vote in Lake by a 54-46 margin with 158 of 599 precincts reporting.
11:27PM: As we wait for Lake County to count their votes, here's a stunning number: In 2004, 969,000 people in Indiana voted for John Kerry. Tonight, 1,099,780 Indianans voted for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary.
10:10PM: The Schellinger-JLT race really hinges on the city of Gary and Lake County. The candidate who wins there will win this race. But which one will do so?
9:04PM: Schellinger just pulled into the lead!
8:59PM: Schellinger has closed the gap to 49.3-50.7 with about 60% of precincts reporting.
8:47PM: Carson just put his race away.
8:13PM: Maybe I spoke too soon. With less than 40% of precincts reporting, Schellinger has closed the gap to 48.3-51.7.
7:46PM: Damn, Carson is in a tight three-way race with Orentlicher and and Myers. This one should be close.
7:41PM: JLT is pulling roughly even with Schellinger in Marion County (Indianapolis) so far. I'm not sure that Schellinger has enough mojo in southern Indiana to do this thing tonight.
6:41PM Eastern: A close race in IN-Gov so far, 50.5-49.5 for JLT. Schellinger is doing well in south Indiana so far, while JLT has the lead in the northern counties.

James L. :: IN-Gov, IN-07: Results Thread
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I call it for JLT
It's early but I just don't see Schellinger pulling it off unfortunately.  

Is Schellinger that much better of a candidate than Thompson?  Is there something I'm not aware of?  I haven't really read anything positive or negative about either one, just seen some of their ads on the blogs.

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actually BOTH candidates
would be competitive in november(apparently thompson has some baggage while schellinger does not)

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Not that much
But I do think he would be a stronger GE canidate and I think he would make a better governor.

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WTF - Is Carson really being challenged?
I know it's early, but he's in a close race at the moment.  Does that primary go to a run-off if he loses a squeaker?

Tony Zirkle is getting crushed
in the IN-02 republican primary.  Dang it, I was hoping we'd get a roll that neo-nazi supporter in the general election...

Well, don't be too discouraged... There are plenty more out there. lol We just have to do our research and find them. Maybe more candidates celebrating Hitler's birthday??

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I couldn't disagree with you more
I find it absolutely horrifying that a candidate in my state got 16% of the vote, saying and doing the things he did.  I don't care if it was a low turnout race that he didn't come close to winning -- and with all due respect, I think it is not only wrong, but pretty close to offensive that you are cheering him on, even in jest and/or hopes to embarass the Republican Party.

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I know, it was tasteless
I was only kidding about pulling for the guy to embarrass their party.  No matter, he is defeated and IN-02 is still a Dem lock in November.

However, from what I understand Democrat John Tanner (TN-08) is being challenged by a republican who supports and advocates for eugenics.  It's the same guy who challenged Tanner a few elections ago and actually got about 25% of the vote amazingly.

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And I got a little snotty ...
In part 'cause (as I said in another thread) I'm a little hung over today!  It is frightening how many people will vote for some of these certifiable rascists and other assorted nutjobs.

[ Parent ] has become such a joke...
I used to respect that website.  Nowadays it's just loaded with anti-Obama nonsense and about Hillary is about to "turn the corner."  Now they are claiming a moral victory with what looks like a 5 point IN win, never mind the 20+ point NC loss and what is sure to be a higher deficit for Hillary in total delegates after tonight.  What is there, 6 states left with Obama holding a insurmountable delegate lead?  Ahh well, why let facts get in the way I suppose.

They are delusional.

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I almost feel more comfortable posting at Redstate than MyDD anymore.  It's like hostile territory if you support Obama.  I'll admit DailyKos is Obama territory but at least the folks there are realistic.

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folks look at the overall turnout numbers in this state; when all votes counted, this state will vote over 1,000,000(thats 6 zeros folks)DEMOCRATS voting in a party PRIMARY; truly astounding turnout in a supposedly "red" state; this bodes well for our entire indiana ticket in the fall; AND NO, the crossover number should not be discounted but this turnout is HUGE

11% were Republicans according to exit polls
So who knows.  

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true but
this just stretches the playing field to one more state where the repubs will have to play defense will we remain on offense(plus, just subtract the number of repub crossovers here, what do you get? STILL A HUGE DEMOCRATIC TURNOUT!!!!)

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McCain only won 77 and 74% in today's primaries...
despite already being the nominee.  Sounds like quite a few republicans still have qualms about McCain.

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Absolutely pathetic.

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ALSO; have you guys noticed obama closing this gap in indy!!!!

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...has definitely exceeded expectations tonight so far -- at least, he's exceeded my expectations.

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Too bad Obama doesn't know how to set expectations low
Exceeded my expectations too. Too bad the Obama campaign royally stinks at setting expectations, with BO himself calling Indiana a "tiebreaker."

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Hmm... Obama couldd still come VERY close in IN...
I was looking at the IN chart of reported results by county and a couple counties in NW Indiana with very big numbers of African-Americans have not reported.  Those counties could really take a bite out of Hillary's current 6 point lead in IN.

Well I did that a little to soon.
Schellinger is now in the lead. VERY exiting.  

Don't look now, but Obama could win the IN popular vote...
He has sliced the deficit to 31,500 votes with 22% left to report.  Also, the counties bordering Chicago are almost completely unreported.  That is an area where Obama should win huge.  It's not over yet.

Keep an eye on Lake County, IN
That county in near Chicago and contains Gary, IN and a huge number of African-Americans.  So far 0% reported there.  It's gonna give Obama a big boost.

Jill Long Thompson has
a good chance to win, she's won easily in North Indiana, and that's where populous Gary County is, which is a liberal hotspot, giving Kerry some 63% of the vote in 2004. A huge victory heere and in some other remaining precincts could push her ahead. I think she's the stronger candidate as Schillenger has proven to be a lightweight on ideas and issues.  

Call no man happy until he is dead-Aeschylus

ANYONE here heard of
teresa sue bratton? she is rolling up a HUGE raw vote total in NC-06; anyone here know particulars there?

The Govenors and presidential races
will hinge on Lake. This will be interesting!

It looks like Obama will come up a bit short.

But what a gubenatorial primary!  And Andre Carson being held under 50% in the primary.

How vulnerable is Dan Burton?  I know he had a primary battle, but is the 'ol Clinton hater safe in November?

Not at all vulnerable
Dan Burton's district went for Bush 71-28 last time -- it's one of the top 30 most conservative districts in the country, and most conservative and republican district in state.

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finally called Indiana for HRC
Judas Priest! Are the networks overly cautious or what? Could have called this as soon as they saw the first 28 percent out of Lake County was from Gary precincts.

Kudos to Zogby. He was the outlier over the last few days. I have reamed him when he's been off, but he nailed today and PA. A victory for his weighting and use of live interviewers over robopolls.

Now let's get this prez race and stop diverting funds from the Senate races.

HRC canceled morning appearances so maybe something is up. If she goes on, even with no money, she wins KY and WV and only makes Obama look weaker in the Ohio Valley.

Neither Obama or Clinton are winning KY or WV anyway in the general
Sure Clinton would do better than Obama there against McCain, but neither has a realistic chance at those states.

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Pumpkin-shooter Burton's trouble

He has acted like an ass with some regularity, but what tipped the challenge from token to semi-serious was blowing off a week of key votes to go on a golf vacation. It is unlikely the district can be flipped, but every little bit helps. Every little internal GOP fissure helps suppress their turnout. And it might matter if Bayh gets the veep nod.

I heard somewhere that Burton...
From Wikipedia on Dan Burton

Burton's first wife, Barbara (Logan) Burton, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993[34] at the age of 56. She died on in 2002 after battling breast and colon cancer. They had three children: Kelly, Danielle and Danny. His brother, Woody Burton, is a member of the Indiana House of Representatives.

In September 1998, Burton admitted to fathering a son, born in 1983, with a former state employee.[2][1] After the admission, one report claimed, "During part of the 1970s and '80s, Dan Burton was known as the biggest skirt-chaser in the Indiana legislature ... Privately, some of his fellow Republicans expressed embarrassment. Lobbyists whispered about the stories of Burton's escapades. Statehouse reporters joked about him. Yet no one ever wrote about, or probably thought about writing anything. To the people who sent him first to the legislature and then to Congress, Burton was Mr. Conservative, the devout husband and father who espoused family values."[1]

In August 2006, Burton remarried to Dr. Samia Tawil in Park City, Utah.[2] She was the internist who cared for Burton's wife, Barbara, during her battle with cancer. Tawil and her husband divorced in 2005.[35]

In June 2007, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington reported that during the 2001-2006 period, Burton's campaign fund had paid $143,900 to his daughter Danielle Sarkins. It is not illegal for federal candidates to pay family members for political work, as long as they are paid fair market value, the Federal Election Commission has ruled.[36]

The man is as big of a low-life as they come...

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15 precincts to go out of 5230

638,274 clinton
615,862 obama


565,034 long thompson
559,547 schellinger


party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

Could be trouble for Carson
Carson didn't get a majority of votes, and without the added Obama support and a single challenger next time he could be taken out. He's got two years to make himself indispensable to the district.

when all the votes are finally counted in the democratic primary in indiana; the total voted will be about 1,270,000; thats over 1 1/4 million in a democratic PRIMARY; truly an INCREDIBLE turnout which bodes well for the entire democratic slate in the fall

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