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NC-Sen, NC-GOV: Final SUSA Primary Polls

by: James L.

Mon May 05, 2008 at 6:34 PM EDT

NC-Sen (D) by SurveyUSA (5/2-4, likely and actual voters, 4/29 in parens):

Kay Hagan (D): 43 (38)
Jim Neal (D): 18 (17)
Others: 13 (10)
Other/Undecided: 27 (35)
(MoE: ± 3.5%)

NC-Gov (D):

Beverly Purdue (D): 52 (45)
Richard Moore (D): 33 (36)
Dennis Nielsen: 2 (2)
Other/Undecided: 13 (16)
(MoE: ± 3.5%)

NC-Gov (R):

Pat McCrory (R): 38 (36)
Fred Smith (R): 32 (32)
Bob Orr (R): 9 (7)
Bill Graham (R): 8 (5)
Undecided: 12 (20)
(MoE: ± 4.9%)

Hagan and Perdue are poised to deliver blow-outs.  McCrory vs. Smith is the only race in doubt here.

James L. :: NC-Sen, NC-GOV: Final SUSA Primary Polls
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Have not kept up with the NC Gov race...
Can anyone tell me if Purdue is our best bet to win here?  From the little I've read on this race we have at least a slight advantage in the general election considering Democratic strength at the state and local level.

Perdue and Hagan have this wraped up
Also to answer the question above the governor is currently a Democrat and Perdue is likely to hold the race. If the Republicans nominate Smith it is going to be pretty safe. McCrory would probably make it a race but even with him I think this will be pretty easy. MO and IN are most likely to flip and Washington will be harder to hold although I'm not worried there either.

agreed but
i think smith might make this close; mccrory is the "big city" mayor, alot of rural folks vote against that type of candidate out of habit(in other words it won't suprise me if smith wins);also, i think your take on the other races are spot on; my opinion is that the democrats will win washington(gregoire) and missouri(nixon) and have a real shot at taking out mitch(W>)daniels in indidana......

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Run off?
If the vote leader does not win a majority (<50%), will there be a run-off election?

Calendar, etc.
Looks like there are runoffs.  The calendar on the side lists North Carolina as one of ten states with a primary and a runoff. The runoff date is June 24.  Politics1 lists a June 24 runoff. Most importantly, the state bord of elections calendar lists a "2nd Primary Day" on June 24.

What the deal is and which races are covered is certainly up for grabs.

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