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LA-06: One More Push

by: James L.

Thu May 01, 2008 at 8:33 PM EDT

The DCCC just posted another round of big money moves in Louisiana tonight.  Here's the rundown:

  • $146,000 on media buys against Woody Jenkins
  • $47,000 on a media buy in support of Don Cazayoux.
  • $6000 on phonebanks.
  • $7800 on direct mail against independent candidate Ashley Casey.
  • $4500 on direct mail in support of Don Cazayoux.
  • $52,600 on direct mail against Woody Jenkins.
  • $4,100 on field organizing for Don Cazayoux.

The new expenditures tally up to $267,242, bringing the DCCC's total tab in this district to a whopping $1,185,396.

Special election: 5/3.  (SSP will be liveblogging the results on Saturday evening.  Be sure to check back with us.)

UPDATE: Additionally, SEIU COPE just posted a $150K media buy in support of Cazayoux.

James L. :: LA-06: One More Push
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goes woody's head exploding..........

My running totals
Travis Childers - $276,051
DCCC - $1,104,006
Democrats MS-01 Total - $1,380,057
Greg Davis - $577,781
NRCC - $602,364  
Republicans MS-01 Total - $1,180,145

Don Cazayoux - $809,806
DCCC - $1,185,396
Democrats LA-06 Total - $1,995,202
Woody Jenkins - $462,038
NRCC - $436,000
Third Party Total: $755,000
Republicans LA-06 Total - $1,653,038

I kind of post this for my sake.
+40K to MS-01 DCCC & MS-01 Dem Total.  

I missed that earlier.  

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Third Party Groups for Dems - 150K
& Total for Dems

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Thanks for doing this
nice to keep track.

I think that some form of Republicans will dump a lot more into MS-01. We could be talking about 6-7 million spent on this special elections. Plus Foster's race that cost maybe 5 million total.

A lot of money has been burned so far in special elections.  

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Add another thanks from me. The is a great deal of work you are putting into this.  

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