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Shame on ABC!

by: The Caped Composer

Thu Apr 17, 2008 at 12:16 AM EDT

This is off-topic from down-ballot races, but I felt compelled to post; the Democratic presidential primary debate in Philadelphia was an embarrassment. Not to our party, mind you, nor to either of our candidates. Rather, it was an embarrassment for the media, and for the entire profession of journalism. The economy is tanking. The war in Iraq continues on as an endless, unmitigated disaster. Next to no one can afford health care. Yet, what questions did these oh-so-esteemed debate moderators throw at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? Questions fed to them by the likes of Sean Hannity about Obama's acquaintanceship with a former 60's radical, who is neither a campaign advisor nor a close friend of the senator's.  Questions about whether Clinton believes Obama can win. Questions about Obama's reluctance to wear a flag pin. A flag pin?!?!?!?!  The Bush administration has our country on the ropes and all these media bobbleheads can talk about is a flag pin!?!?!?!?  It's no wonder winning is such an uphill battle for our party; with such idiocy so rampant, I'm amazed that even half the country votes our way!

All the more reason for us to press onward and win these down-ballot seats, where the media spotlight doesn't linger long enough to turn the proceedings into a complete circus.  Progressivism truly has to start from the ground up; in this info-tainment age, it's the only chance we've got!

The Caped Composer :: Shame on ABC!
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Shame on ABC! | 7 comments
I was so disgusted as I listened to this debate on the radio, it
made me grateful that I do not get cable TV. My boycott of traditional media will continue with a vengeance, and I hope the Obama administration yanks their licenses next year.

It wasn't a coincidence.
"I prepared for the debate by playing bumpercars at the Iowa State Fair."

Obama's response, when he finally got a chance to speak after 45 minutes of Obama bashing at an early Iowa debate.  Guess who hosted.  George Stephanopolis.  

Glad I missed it then!

The media hearts McCain so much...
they'll do anything to make Obama and Hillary tear each other apart.

don't forget the Capital Gains BS
I liked the very loaded question "History shows when you cut the captial gains tax revenues go up" - as if this had nothing to do with performance of the stock market.

The corporate media is much worse than the Republicans. At least half of America understands how much R's hurt us. But the media's damage is invisible.

I suppose there is one bright spot in all of this . . .
. . . At least neither of the moderators asked the candidates about the costs of their haircuts.  


A bright spot for Obama supporters...
When Gibson asked Clinton whether Obama can win the GE, she answered quickly and enthusiastically: "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

She just flushed any chance of coaxing superdelegates to vote for her down the toilet.

Shame on ABC! | 7 comments

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