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LA-06, MS-01: DCCC Drops Da Bomb

by: James L.

Tue Apr 15, 2008 at 11:54 PM EDT

Aw yeah.  The DCCC just posted two more independent expenditures tonight.

First up, LA-06:  $2K on field organizing, $22K on direct mail, and $104K on a media buy opposing GOP loser Woody Jenkins.  This brings the DCCC's total bill in the district to $279,547.  In total, the NRCC has spent $110,194 on defending this seat (not counting the money spent by Freedom's Watch here).

Next, the DCCC made a big splash in the MS-01 special election, spending $126,576 on producing and airing an ad attacking GOP candidate Greg Davis.  Earlier today, the NRCC posted a $62,000 expenditure against Democrat Travis Childers in this R+10 district.  The GOP wouldn't be wasting precious cash here if they didn't think there was a chance that Davis could lose this seat.

MS-01 special election: 4/22; runoff: 5/13.

LA-06 special election: 5/3.

James L. :: LA-06, MS-01: DCCC Drops Da Bomb
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DCCC: $406,123
NRCC: $172,194

Interesting to see the DCCC going more out of their way on these one.  It's like game of poker.  Does the NRCC call, raise, or fold?

They have so much more cash than the NRCC
That it makes sense to try to force the Republicans to match them in these ruby red districts. Meanwhile, the DCCC can work on putting even more money into attacking more and more weak incumbent Republicans.

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And of course...
... a victory by the Dems would dry up the NRCC's funding even more.

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The DCCC should spend
whatever it takes in these special elections.  Each loss or close race for the Republicans before the general election is another nail in the coffin.  If Dems pick up both of these seats the fund raising for Republican challengers will really dry up and the pundit prognosticators (like Cook) will have to reevaluate all of the Democratic challengers efforts and probably upgrade some which will help with their fund raising.

They should be spending money in every way possible up untill the MS election. Not only would that be a shot heard round the country for House races it would also move up the MS-B Senate race.

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