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LA-06: NRCC Preparing to Cut Jenkins Loose?

by: James L.

Mon Apr 07, 2008 at 3:58 PM EDT

A sign of the times?  According to a GOP operative quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the NRCC is promising support to LA-06 special election nominee Woody Jenkins only if he meets certain "financial benchmarks":

A Republican aide said the NRCC will meet with Mr. Jenkins's campaign this week to discuss strategy and to outline financial benchmarks that the campaign will have to meet to receive the campaign committee's support. They are currently polling in the district as well. "We are aware of the challenges we face," said a House Republican aide, noting that a Jenkins victory "is doable, but it's difficult."

Now, I find it pretty hard to believe that the NRCC would give up on an R+6.5 Southern open seat so easily, even with Jenkins' shady ties to former KKK leader David Duke figuring prominently in just about every post-runoff news article on this race.    But if the GOP wants to game the expectations that winning this district -- one that hasn't elected a Democrat to Congress since the early 1970s -- is an uphill fight for them, well, that's their choice to make.  But with Democrat Don Cazayoux outraising Jenkins ($532K vs. $290K through March 16), talk like this is not exactly inspiring to the national donors that Jenkins needs to attract.

James L. :: LA-06: NRCC Preparing to Cut Jenkins Loose?
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Spend the money.
Hey, GOP! Spend the money. Please spend the money.

Keep it coming...
The NRCC would need to spend 1/4 of it's campaign cash to match the money they put into the Illinois special election, which was 1/5 of their cash! I love how if they spend the same amount, they have to spend more proportionally of their smaller warchest!

Granted I'm sure they've added some cash since then (right?), but still spend away Repugs, spend away!


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